10 Simple Ways to better heart health

10 simple ways to better heart healthYour heart is the center of your health and keeping it functioning at its best should be priority number one.  Better heart health is within in your control.  You have the power to reverse the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle simply by following these 10 easy steps to success.

1)    Eat right! A healthy diet is a mandatory step to gaining better heart health.  Start by increasing your whole grain and oat intake.  Choose breads that are hearty and packed with nutrition instead of traditional white bread.  You should also increase the amount of vegetables you eat, especially leafy vegetables.  Green leafy vegetables contain folate which helps to keep homocysteine levels.  High levels of homocysteine in your blood will increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis.   Other yummy food choices that will help your heart health are apples, almonds, tomatoes, fish and olive oil.

2) Exercise regularly! Daily exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve the health of your heart.  The physical movement needs to last long enough to get your heart rate up and make you sweat.

3)    Stress Management! Stress can have severe effects on your health and your heart.  Tension, emotional buildups and frustration will take a toll on your heart if you do not experience relief.  Go for long walks, vent to your friends or talk with a professional.  It is crucial for the health of your heart to find ways to manage your stress.

4)    Get enough sleep! Our bodies need time to rest and recovery at the end of each day.  Most doctors recommend a minimum of six hours up to eight hours every single night.  Allow your body and your heart a chance to rest, but making the time for a good night’s sleep.

5)    Quit smoking! If you are concerned about your heart health then you need to quit smoking or reduce your exposure to second hand smoke.  There are countless reasons to quit smoking and once you make that decision, you will never regret it.

6)    Limit alcohol consumption! Alcohol is small amounts like a glass of red wine each night is fine.  Drinking several glasses to the point of intoxication every night is not.

7)    Maintain a healthy body weight! The less extra weight you are carrying, the easier it will be on your heart to keep up with your daily activities.

8)    Regular checkups! As people age they become consumed with their careers and family and they don’t always make time for their regular checkups.  You doctor knows the signs of heart trouble and can catch issues before they become a serious problem.   The sooner heart issues are diagnosed; the more likely you will be able to get the help you need to overcome it.

9)    Drink water daily! Your body is made up of 80% water because it needs water to function properly.  Your heart is no exemption to the rule.  Water affects the thickness of your blood and plasma and consuming 5 glasses or more a day will reduce your risk of blood clots and circulation problems.

10)Enjoy life! A positive outlook on life is crucial to your success.  Being relaxed will reduce tension and allow your heart time to re-energize and repair.

These ten simple steps are fundamental in any healthy lifestyle and they are worthwhile changes if you are concerned about your heart’s overall health.  When you consider everything your heart does for you, it is the least you can do in return.

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