3 Dietary And Lifestyle Habits That Put You at High Risk of Developing Cancer

3 Dietary And Lifestyle Habits That Put You at High Risk of Developing Cancer Cancer is one of the deadly diseases. We all fear it. The worrying fact is that the numbers of persons affected by this deadly disease keeps increasing everyday. Many millions across the world are affected and many other millions have died. What is even more worrying is that most of the things we do expose us to the risk of developing various forms of cancer. Some of the various dietary and lifestyle habits that put us at high risk of developing cancer include the following:


Overuse or overexposure to chemicals:


These days, we use various types of chemicals that put us at the risk of developing various forms of cancers. These chemicals are contained in food additives, beauty make-ups, drugs (prescription and non-prescription), spices, food preservatives, air pollutants, carbonated water and other beverages, etc.  The combined effect of these chemicals on the body mostly results in various health complications including cancer. We can avoid exposure to these chemicals, especially those which are contained in food, by ensuring that we take natural or raw foods. Avoid as much as you can, the intake of processed foods because most of them contain chemicals  in the form of food preservatives and food additives, some of which have been suspected or proven to  cause cancer, or to play some part in the development of this disease.


 The love for fries and processed foods


The love for fries and processed goods and drinks has been cited as one of the leading causes of cancer. If you want to remain healthily, entrench the practice of cooking food the traditional way; with little or no oils and fats, and with little or not salt. Avoid the intake of fatty foods and other junk foods.


Lack of exercises:


Many people find it difficult, or do not find time to exercise. Lack of exercises has also been cited as one of the factors behind the recent increase in the rates of cancer attack.  Take some few moments to exercise. Walk upstairs, run, lift weights, and generally avoid the simple sedentary lifestyle which doctors cite as one of the leading causes of cancer.




Although it’s not possible to avoid cancer 100%, taking note of the above tips and making positive lifestyle change will  go a along way in reducing your risk of developing cancer.


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