5 things to do to fit in the wedding dress

5 things to do to fit in the wedding dressA bride is to be at her most beautiful in her wedding day. While preparing for it, some plan ahead and try to get rid of some excess weight to fit in their wedding dress. Some others are compelled to go to a gym and go on a seriously strict diet, keeping in mind that hundreds of guests will remember how the bride looked like. Here is a five step guide to fit in a wedding dress for a bride-to-be that wants to look her best:


Step 1: Plan your diet

A short crash diet is the worst thing you can do. It will only make you gain a lot more weight right after you stop. It’s just as bad to stop eating altogether as it will cost you in energy and it is always a good way to ruin an otherwise good metabolism. Ideally, you should start a diet 12 weeks before the happy event. This way things will be under control, the diet is going to show good results and there will be no side effects. It would be a good thing to write down a target weight that is a reasonable and achievable number and record the daily meals to make sure that you are on target.


Step 2: Don’t experiment, get professional advice…

People are not the same. A diet that has worked for a friend is not guaranteed to work on you. If you have never been on a diet you can help yourself a great deal by consulting a dietician who will point you to the correct options that match your own specific metabolism and body type. It might very well be that genetics are involved and you may need an entirely different set of instructions and things to do that you could ever think of. If it’s the cost you are considering and think that it will be too great to put it in your wedding budget:


a)    It’s not that great

b)    Isn’t your big day worth it?


Step 3: …and follow it

The dietician of step 2 will examine you and determine your best options. If he or she says that your everyday caloric intake should not exceed 1,500 calories, make a list of foods and calories that will not cost you anything in nutritional needs, still include foods you like to eat and still keep the doctor’s orders.


Step 4: Make it a lifestyle

It might very well be that “desperate situations call for desperate measures” but is this really the case? The motto has been dubbed for something that is temporary. Unless, of course, you intend to regain all the weight loss right after the wedding day. If not, then you should think positively and if your 12 week diet was just what you needed and you are at your optimum weight, adjust your diet to maintain it.  Otherwise the best thing you can do is maintain the diet until you reach optimum weight and then change it to a set of dietary habits that will keep you fit. And it doesn’t have to be too strict. You can have a “cheat day” every once in a while!


Step 5: Get a bit of exercise

Not to say anything but it just might be that a diet will not cut it for the big day. You might need to… give it a helping hand. There have been frequent mentions of your metabolism. You might want to boost it a little by doing some walking (a bit brisk…), some swimming (hmmm…sounds good… you might get some sun tan as a bonus!) and some (dreaded but necessary) running. If nothing else, your dietician will also instruct you on this and you should follow doctor’s orders!


And now for the results

If to do all the above you need an incentive, think about the body that will be forever captured into the wedding photographs and the videos. Think that they will be shown to your children, your grandchildren and your friends. It will be your day and you do want to look ravishingly perfect on your day. This is always a good incentive to do something about that excessive weight and fit in your wedding dress. Don’t you think so?


Seeking the help of a professional to get into your dress is the best thing you can do. An expert will guide you on how to lose weight from the right places so that you can look like a million dollar princess.


Wear that special dress with confidence.

Make it the day you want to remember.

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Best wishes on your coming wedding and all your plans


Your Healthy Weight Specialist

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