Slip Into That Wedding Dress Effortlessly With These 5 Pre-Wedding Fitness Tips

Slip Into That Wedding Dress Effortlessly With These 5 Pre-Wedding Fitness TipsEvery bride wishes to look like a goddess on her wedding day with perfect dressing, skin and figure; however, achieving this target is not easy for most brides due to their tough work schedules and pre wedding arrangements. Weight loss is one of the major worries of every woman especially the ones who are about to get married soon. Having a trim figure is simply not enough; every girl wants to look like a picture perfect model on the wedding day.

Regardless of the difficulty, the big glittering rock on your finger is all the motivation you need to get in shape before the big day. If your wedding is round the corner and you are looking for pointers on pre wedding weight loss, here are some tips that you can take into practice and lose weight effortlessly to look as shapely as a Victoria’s Secret model on your wedding day.

Watch What You Eat

Most nutritionists believe that the wedding itself compels most brides-to-be to stack piles of food on their plate due to the excitement that comes with arrangements. But if you simply watch what you eat, you should be able to control your weight and keep yourself from packing on the extra pounds easily. Binge eating is strictly prohibited; better stay away from chocolates, French fries, milkshakes and burgers!

Women who tend to gain weight faster should also steer clear from foods rich in carbohydrates, saturated fats, trans fats and artificial sweeteners, rather they should opt for foods that are high in fiber content. Just by cutting down on foods that fall in these three categories can make a difference in your weight without the need of charting down a stringent diet plan. A much better alternative to crash dieting, and to acquire that healthy glow on your skin, you should consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

No Compromise on Fitness

Even though cutting down on fatty foods and carbohydrates will help you lose weight, exercising daily is still very important because it helps your body to develop a good figure and enhance the curves. The best exercise that promotes weight loss in brides while defining the curves is squats. Squats basically focus on the hips and leg muscles and tone them down by burning excess fat in key areas like the thighs.

For a flat belly, crunches are best as they target the abdominal muscles directly. If you face a lack of motivation doing the same type of exercises daily, then you may try aerobics, zumba or Bombay jam to shed those extra pounds. Remember that exercise is an important component of any weight loss plan and the real target of having a toned body in a matter of months cannot be achieved without regular workouts.

Never Skip the Most Important Meal of the Day

Yes, breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day which you should never skip even when you’re trying to lose weight. Having a nutritious breakfast daily charges your metabolism and keeps you from munching on unhealthy foods in between short intervals throughout the day. If you do not have proper lunch at noon, then you may treat yourself to a heavy breakfast that will not make you feel lethargic after a tough day’s work.

Even the recent studies carried out to determine the importance of breakfast show that those individuals who have breakfast in the morning regularly are more likely to consume fewer calories in total than the ones who do not. Having a healthy breakfast certainly does not mean  a heavy breakfast. You can choose to have a lighter version of breakfast consisting of a glass of fresh juice, yogurt and fresh fruits.

Drink Sufficient Amount of Water

Drinking water is very important when following a pre wedding weight loss plan because it not only prevents dehydration and provides a glow to the skin but it also aids weight loss. Many recent studies suggest that drinking eight glasses of water a day, every day increases the metabolic rate by 30 percent in women as well as men. This is one of the reasons why you should chuck out the sugary colas and have at least eight glasses of water a day to improve the metabolism of your body. Moreover, a proper intake of water is that it flushes out all the harmful toxins from the body and gives the skin a rosy glow.

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