All-natural Solutions to inspire Fertility

All-natural Solutions to inspire FertilityThere is nothing more discouraging than wanting a child and not being able to easily conceive one. Many men and women who struggle with fertility feel hopeless, especially if they are personally against unnatural fertilization treatments or drugs. Fortunately, there are all-natural solutions that can help inspire fertility and improve your chances of conception.

Five all-natural solutions to inspire fertility:

1.     Eat the Right Foods

Foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids can all help to increase your chances of conceiving. The vitamin C in broccoli helps increase sperm motility in men and the vitamin E in broccoli improves the quality of cervical mucus, so it easier for fertilize eggs to implant themselves inside the uterus. Lentils are high in folic acid which supports ovulation, helps regulate the menstrual cycle, and reduces the risk of birth defects. Salmon and eggs are both rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can enhance fertility in both men and women. Goji berries are also great for couples trying to conceive because they have been proven to boost fertility and your sex drive.


2.     Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol


It hasn’t been proven exactly how much damage caffeine and alcohol can do during the first few days or weeks of pregnancy, so it is a good practice to avoid it as soon as you start trying to conceive. Recent studies have also shown that both of these common temptations can also affect your chances of pregnancy. Caffeine could impair fertility in women by reducing muscle in the fallopian tubes. This will make it harder to carry a woman’s eggs from her ovaries into her womb. Alcohol consumption also has been proven to reduce the chances of conception in both men and women.


3.     Exercise Regularly


Many studies have proven that maintaining a healthy body weight and regular exercise can improve your chances of conceiving a child. Women can use exercise to prepare their bodies for the changes that come with pregnancy and the physical challenges of labor. Exercise also reduces body fat and about 30 percent of estrogen comes from fat cells. Too much fat in your body can alter your hormone balance and lower your chances of conception.


4.     Acupuncture

Many people have trusted in acupuncture as a natural cure for almost any ailment possible. Acupuncture can enhance fertility health by increasing the body’s ability to cope with stress, as well as increasing the blood flow to the ovaries and uterus.

5.     Get Plenty of Sleep


Interrupted sleep patterns or a lack of sleep can cause hormonal imbalance, low basal body temperature, and suppressed ovulation. Many healthcare practitioners agree that women need an average of 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night to maintain hormonal balance.


You don’t have to rely on fertility drugs or unnatural alternatives to improve your chances of conception. You can enhance your fertility simply by eating the right foods, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, regular exercise, acupuncture, and plenty of sleep.

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