Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea

Amazing Health Benefits of Green TeaIt is true that not everyone chugs down green tea because of its wonderful taste, but rather the health benefits it can provide us with. Other than the common advantages of drinking green tea like keeping ones weight in check, being a body-friendly drink, and helping with the digestion process, green tea can have incredible effects on people’s health. Below is a list of some of the amazing benefits of green tea, ones you may

not have been aware of before.

1.     Loaded with antioxidants

First and foremost, green tea has crazy amounts of antioxidants which help fight cancer, improve brain function, lower blood pressure, trigger fat loss, and much more. These levels of antioxidants are higher in homemade brewed green tea than their bottled counterparts.

 2.     Prevent tooth decay

Many people tend to believe the common misconception that green tea can stain your teeth and cause dental issues. On the contrary, it can actually help fight off many gum diseases and can destroy viruses and bacteria that cause throat infections and other dental concerns.

3.     Anti-aging

Green tea has proven to help fight wrinkles and prevent age spots and lines occurring on the skin. Green tea has also been tested and found to reduce sun damage and any other signs of aging.

 4.     Weight Loss

It is no secret that green tea can aid weight loss. It has helped millions across the globe lose weight and keep it off. It increases the metabolism rate and burns fat faster. 

5.     Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Green tea is excellent for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease because it is said to lower the rate of deterioration caused by these two. The tea directly travels to the brain and prevents the damage of cells.

 6.     Diabetes

Another great benefit of green tea is that it regulates sugar levels by slowing down the increase of glucose in the blood after eating. This helps decrease the storage of fat and prevents high insulin levels.

 7.     Cancer

Green tea is known to decrease tumor growth through the polyphenols it contains. It has also shown a number of positive impacts on different types of cancers such as ovarian, breast, prostate, stomach, and skin cancer.

8.     Brain

Green tea not only keeps you awake, but also makes you smarter. Just the right amount of caffeine helps improve brain function and keeps your memory sharp as a knife.


All in all, green tea has a number of different uses and can be consumed on a daily basis to stay healthy. Not only it is just a drink, but it has been used as a medicine for years, treating patients on and off and fighting diseases. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself to a home remedy for just about anything, green tea is just the thing you need. So go ahead and buy yourself some fresh tealeaves and drink up all the benefits green tea has.  

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