Simple Ways of How to Boost Your Memory and Ability to Recall


Simple Ways of How to Boost Your Memory and Ability to RecallAs we grow older, many changes take place in our lives, one of them being decreasing ability to recall. You may find that you forget so often, and you don’t recall things easily as it used to happen in the past. This is one of the many changes in life that many people don’t like, but they have to grapple with, because they happen against the will of an individual. The good news is that you can do something to help boost your memory and ability to recall.


Fill out simple to complex word puzzles:


Filling out word puzzles can really help increase you memory and ability to recall. As you search for answers to the questions in the puzzles, you will challenge your mind to think, and in essence, boosting your memory and ability to recall. Make it a habit to fill one or two puzzles, one simple and one complex, everyday. If you practice this consistently, you will realize increased memory and recall ability.


Play chess:


Majority of the world’s greatest thinkers are chess players.  By playing chess, you will engage your mind to think fast, and thus boost your memory and ability to recall.


Read more:


Reading boosts the memory and increases our ability to recall. To boost your money now and in the long run, read more books journals, articles, etc. As you read and learn new things, you wall be expanding your memory, and challenging your mind to think and retain more information. With time, you wall find that you can now recall better than you used to, in the past.




Exercises have many health benefits, including boosting the memory and ability to recall.


Take more of omega 3 fatty acids:


Omega 3 fatty acids which are mostly contained in some fish species such as Nile Perch, Tilapia, and Tuna among others, have been found to have desirable effects in boosting the memory and enhancing the recall ability. Take more of these fats if you want to boost your memory.


Reduce stress:


One of the long term effects of tress is decreasing the ability to recall. Avoid stress factors, and you will realize that your ability to recall will gradually begin improving.


Boost Your Memory Now:

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