How to break your binge eating habit!

How to break your binge eating habitHave you ever had one of those nights where you are constantly snacking without really realizing how much you are stuffing into your belly?  We have all been there and we usually end up regretting it the next morning.  Binge eating is one of the easiest ways to gain weight quickly, but there are methods that can help you control your eating habits.

If binge eating is getting the best of you, then you need to take action before you gain too much weigh to easily work off.  Start by creating a journal where you jot down what you eat and when you eat it. By monitor your eating habits, you will become more aware of exactly what you are putting into your mouth.  It helps to also write down how you feel before and after you eat.

My husband and I often ordered gyro dinners from our local Greek restaurant whenever neither of us wants to cook.  After eating the fries and greasy pita we both commented on how gross we felt.  The food might taste really good when we are eating it, but it left us feeling disgusting and overstuffed.  Neither of us said anything in the past, so we kept ordering it.  We now choose a Greek salad with grilled chicken instead and it leaves us feeling satisfied without all of the excess bloating-Jenn Penn.

If you monitor your eating habits, then you will notice patterns and you will be able to recognize what event in your life are trigging your binge eating.  Some people overeat because they are angry at someone, sometimes it is a reaction to hearing sad news and often enough it is simply because we are bored.  Eating because there is nothing better to do is probably the most common reason for binge eating.  Try exercise instead of eating when you are bored and you will quickly notice a reverse effect on your weight.

One effective way to control your binge eating is by snacking on smaller meals more often throughout the day.  Choose healthy snacks like raw vegetables and fruit.  One tip is to pre-cut the vegetables the day you buy them and then divide them into little Ziploc baggies.  If they are prepared in advance, they will be a convenient snack when you have moments of weakness.

Another way to help your control your cravings is to allow for the occasion treat.  Just make sure you only pick high calorie snacks on days when you’ve had a good workout and you know you have burned enough calories that they won’t have a negative impact on your dieting efforts.

Binge eating is a common problem that can lead to serious medical problems.  Don’t wait for it to get out of hand before you start making changes to stop it.  Remember that you should eat until you feel full, not until you feel too full to move!


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