CancerThe next big health scare is cancer. Cancer develops in adults over decades; it is a result of small changes over a long period of time. Unfortunately by the time it was diagnosed it is too late to do anything to fix it.

As we discussed in  Free Radicals, when your body produces more free radicals than it can handle, it creates an ‘oxidative stress’. Oxidative stress is the root cause in the development of cancer.

When the cell’s DNA nucleus is exposed to excessive free radicals, it can cause mutation or damage to the DNA. When this damaged cell replicates, this mutation is carried to each newly developed cell. Then more oxidative damage can occur. When this cycle repeats over a period, true cancer develops. In an adult cancer can take 20 or even 30 years to develop from the initial mutation of the DNA to a full-blown cancer.

In children this process is much more rapid due to the rapid turnover of the cells. The site where a cancer originates is called the primary cancer, and when cells grow in an uncontrolled way and spread into the body’s tissues, this is called invasive cancer.

When it is diagnosed, the only path surgeons take is chop, burn and poison the tumour to extend the life of the patient, crossing their fingers hoping it might even cure them. But sadly it is not achieved most of the time.

Remember the key to avoid the cancer is through early prevention. As discussed previously in ‘What is an Antioxidants’, if you have enough antioxidants to balance the effect of freeradicals produced the body is protected from oxidative stress, and by preventing oxidative stress you can avoid developing cancer.

Antioxidants and their supporting nutrients also optimize your body’s natural repair system and natural immune system. So even if you have started down that road to developing a cancer, your body has the best opportunity to either repair or destroy that mutated cell.

Dr. Kedar Prashad, a radiation therapist from the University of Colorado Medical School, actually reviewed over 90 patients. He found that those patients who took nutritional supplements while taking either their chemo or radiation therapy not only tolerated their treatments better, but also responded to them better.

He concluded that antioxidant supplements improved the normal cells antioxidant defense system; however, they made the cancer cells more vulnerable to cell death. This is  a win-win situation for cancer patients. In fact, this has led some major cancer treatment centers like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, OK and Chicago, IL to give all of their cancer patients antioxidant supplements while receiving their treatments – Dr Ray Strand email series.

Most common type of cancers are as follows:

  1. Ovarian cancer
  2. Bowel cancer
  3. Prostrate cancer
  4. Skin cancer
  5. Lung cancer

Expert tip on Cancer

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Comment from Kate
Time January 11, 2011 at 4:32 pm

“When it is diagnosed, the only path surgeons take is chop, burn and poison the tumour to extend the life of the patient, crossing their fingers hoping it might even cure them. But sadly it is not achieved most of the time.”

My mother has a tumor thankfully it has not grown in size in 8 months. Unfortunately radiation did not help the tumor shrink at all. hopefully some day there will be non-invasive procedures that will help a patient without having to suffer from the side effects of current treatments available.

Comment from admin
Time January 11, 2011 at 11:00 pm

Thank you for sharing your experience. It is sad to see a loved one suffer. I hope they find a cure in the future. But till then preventive measures are the best to go for

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