How to Care for Your Joints as You Age

How to care for your joints as you ageDeteriorating joint health is a common problem that most people will end up facing as they get older. Reoccurring joint pain can happen to you whether you’ve lived a healthy, active life or if you spent your younger years being overweight and relatively stationary. Every time you walk, run, or do a work out that involves moving your joints, you are putting strain on them.

Runners and people who regularly play sports will usually have joint damage due to their joints being overused on a repetitive basis. People that weigh more will also have joint problems because their joints are supporting any excessive amount of weight. Although you probably can’t completely eliminate the chance of joint pain as you age, there are things you can do to care for your joints to keep them healthier longer.

Walk Instead Run

Although most runners are incredibly fit, the majority of them will usually suffer from reoccurring knee pain. If they run outdoors on hard surfaces, it will irritate and eventually deteriorates the underside of the kneecap. If you like to run outdoors, try switching to power walking or using a treadmill instead. It is just as beneficial to your health as running outdoors, but it is significantly less strenuous on your joints.

Procosamine II

Many clinical studies have proven that adding glucosamine to your diet will help maintain healthy cartilage and joints. Procosa II is designed to give your body all of the essential nutrients for optimal joint health. It is formulated with vitamin C, silicon, and manganese, plus it is an excellent source of glucosamine.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Most people know that calcium is necessary for strong bones and joints, but many people don’t realize that it needs to be combined with vitamin D to be truly effective. Make sure to choose calcium supplements that also have vitamin D. The powerful combination of these two essential nutrients is critical for healthy bones and joints.

Muscle Building Exercises

If the muscles surrounding the joint are weak, it won’t give the joint enough support to handle the strain of daily movements. Planks, push-ups, leg lifts, and walking are great ways to build muscles without causing any further damage to your joints.

As you age, it will become increasingly important that you take good care for your joints. You should start by switching any runner or high-impact actives to less strenuous, muscle-building movements like power-walking or planks. You should also take daily supplements that contain glucosamine, calcium, and vitamin D. This will reduce joint pain by keeping your bones and joints stronger and healthier.

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