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Cancer Fighting Foods that must be in your Meal Plans

Most of the cancer patients need to face main concern about their daily diet plan that helps in healing their sufferings. Countless suggestions and tips are available for the healing program. But, getting answer of exact diet plan is impossible as it completely depends on the patient’s health, type of cancer etc.   Here are [...]

Identify Signs of Breast Cancer & Get the Right Treatment

Breast cancer is one of the most common severe diseases in women. It is a type of cancer which is caused by the unrestrained development of abnormal cells inside the tissues of human breast. It is considered as the most affected disorder affecting women with highly increasing rate. It is reported that one in every [...]

Foods That Can Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease, which should be prevented from an early age. With a healthy diet that contains cancer-battling foods, one can ensure great prevention against this lethal condition. Here are some top foods that battle cancer like no other:

Do-It-Yourself and Homeopathic Cancer Self-Tests Which Can Help You Diagnose Early Signs and Symptoms Of The Disease

It is true that everyone needs to learn how to carry out tests to discover the presence or absence of cancer. No doubt that the place for such tests remain in the hospital that are full of all types of modern and state of the art equipment that can identify cancer at an early stage. [...]

Tips for Preventing the Onset of Oral Cancer

Nowadays, oral cancer has become an increasingly common disease which affects people from almost all walks of life, no matter how young or old they may be. Because of the stresses of modern life, many people don’t pay any heed to their health, which could cause major problems in the long run. The number of [...]