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Hay Fever; Is It Real Fever?

For too many, the concept of hay fever is ambiguous. However, understanding of how does one gets hay fever, how does one become a carrier, the early symptoms and its definitive potential risk are pieces of information still needed to be disseminated to the public. It is important to spread awareness so that people can [...]

Why Food Allergies are on the Rise

There seems to be a lot more discussion these days about food allergies, especially when it comes to young children. Most schools are now even banning peanuts and peanut butter because of the deadly consequences of an allergic reaction. Some are even completely banning all forms of tree nuts. Allergies are on the rise and [...]

How to make the Most out of Allergy Season

Don’t let the spring season send you into hiding just because you suffer from allergies! There are numerous ways you can manage your allergies and still enjoy the beautiful weather and the best Mother Nature has to offer. There are countless allergy prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines you can take, but there are also all-natural ways [...]

Food Allergy

At some point in our lives food allergy/food intolerance occur. Whenever we have an unpleasant experience after we consume a particular food, we might think that we have allergy to that food, but only up to 3% of adults and 6%-8% of children have clinically proven true allergic reactions to food. A typical food allergy [...]


What is Asthma? Unlike a normal person, the lungs and airways of people with asthma are hypersensitive to various trigger factors, such as exercise, pollens or cold air. They react abnormally and due to these reactions the airways become narrower, reducing the space for air to flow through and making it harder to breathe. Continued [...]