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Karma Yoga – For Life, Spiritual & Happiness

Karma means an act and yoga means spiritual attainment. Karma Yoga or “discipline of action” is basically a form of yoga that has been derived from the teachings of the holy book of ‘Bhagwad Gita’. In real sense, this yoga is a science of achieving perfection in action. You can remain engaged in your daily [...]

5 Amazing Changes Yoga Brought In Me

There are many at times in life that we face some unwanted and non-preferable situations. The negative impact is that all these situations are just unavoidable and bound come. No human being can survive his entire life without facing troubles or difficulties. And that is how we understand and admire the art of being happy. [...]

The practice that lasts

Yoga Practice So often I hear people drop in and out of their yoga practice due to various reasons: loss of drive to a weekly class; the next door’s pulse-racing class seems more promising to an hourglass figure; financial obstacles; a teacher that cannot teach or inspire, etc. The question remains: why can’t we commit [...]

Everything in moderation

We are natural weight bearers, not only physically (an unwelcoming fact for weight watchers and food lovers like me!) but mentally as well. Often we choose to carry excess weight without noticing the unconscious efforts, entailing a tangling sense of heaviness. Apart from detoxing the body by eating healthily and engaging in regular physical exercises, [...]

How do you know if you are ready to go upside down?

There is no straight forward answer to this since we all respond differently to certain yoga poses. In other words, some poses are in your favour perhaps because your body has regularly tended to certain muscular actions or skeletal movements, stemming from your daily work such as scaffolding on a safety harness or certain physical [...]