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Yoga- A 2.5 Hour Snapshot of Your Everyday Life

A friend of mine once asked me if yoga can indeed lead you to a transcendental state where you can live in the world without being caught up in the sleeves of human conflicts and emotional turmoil.  I may not have the subtle, radiant aura of Dalai Lama, but my daily yoga practice continuously engenders [...]

Say ‘Thank you’ to the smallest thing in life

It is almost our second nature to moan, to critize, to complain, and to find fault on someone or something.  We either dismiss our own responsibilities or carry too many including others’.  The result of such action is self-afflicted sufferings accompanied by lingering emotions of anguish, discontentment, resentment, hysteria and prolonged distress, which take the [...]

The process of learning

Recently I am learning to rest my body in order to recover from the tear of my intercostal muscles.  I come to realise that it is not what I learn that challenges me, it is the process of adopting new perspectives in life.  I am so used to the 6-day, 2.5-hour Ashtanga practice which continues [...]

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Motivation Towards Positiveness: Everyone of us has a comfort zone. We have our routine, habitual patterns and the predictable run-down of what is going to happen in our daily lives.  We feel secure and have absolute control over what we do, what we eat, where we go, what we say, etc.  For some of us, [...]

Beyond the physical

Since I have devoted fully into my Ashtanga practice, I notice a number of chances within me. Ever since I began the asana practice, the focus was primarily musculoskeletal in order to perform every pose to perfection.  Being always physically active in my young age from running, tennis playing, swimming, hiking to recent wall climbing, [...]