Children and their Ears

Children and their Ears

In this  issue let us listen to what Homeopath Michelle Nicol talks about our kids and their Ear health.

Are our kids getting sicker? It’s commonly believed that the consumption of poorer quality food is having an effect on the general health of our children, and ear infections are an example of this. Children’s growing bodies need a variety of good nutrients to feed the immune cells that protect them from infections. A lack of only one or two of these elements can make kids more susceptible to getting sick.

Also the excessive use of antibiotics can often be unnecessary when the underlying deficiencies are addressed. In my practice I use homeopathy and supplementation to help support the child’s immune system and the need for antibiotics is greatly reduced.

What to do about Ear Infections:

Firstly, if your doctor has given your child a course of antibiotics, it is important to put the good bacteria back in your child’s gut with a high-quality probiotic. Antibiotics can really upset the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut which is essential for a strong healthy immune system.

Secondly, research suggests that 80 percent of acute uncomplicated ear infections can be resolved within four to seven  days  without antibiotics. So supporting the immune system with a high-quality children’s multivitamin and mineral can be really beneficial. Make sure it’s a comprehensive formula that includes selenium and, ideally, also plant nutrients. In addition to this extra vitamin C, and a mercury-tested fish oil is what I generally recommend.

What to do when kids get Glue Ear:

Sometimes ear infections progress into glue ear; a painful chronic condition that has the potential to affect a child’s hearing.

Allergies, asthma, damp houses and pollution can all have an impact on glue ear so it’s really important to evaluate the child’s complete environment. Addressing underlying deficiencies, avoiding common allergens, such as wheat and dairy, and minimising dust and mould in the home is a good place to start. Once again the simple step of taking the basics of a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral, vitamin C, the fish oil, is wise advice.

It makes sense that if you give the body all it needs it can do a better job of healing itself.

Recommendations of Michelle Nicol:

A high-quality pharmaceutical grade supplement (multivitamin) for children.

Fish oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is very beneficial in overall general health.

Probiotics. If antibiotics have been given take probiotics daily, two hours after the antibiotics. Then continue as needed or for at least one month.

How to prevent Ear Infections?

My belief is that we need to strengthen our children’s immune systems, so that they can fight off infections by themselves whenever possible.

I recommend initially multivitamins and mineral supplement and fish oil, as I have had great results.

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