Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic HydrotherapyColonic hydrotherapy is another term for colonic irrigation – two fancy terms that simply mean complete cleansing of the colon.  Cleansing of the colon is not a new development or procedure; it has actually been around for centuries.  Whether or not people knew the benefits of the procedure are not clear, but one thing is for sure, many have not only embraced the idea but they eagerly invest money, time and even repeat the process routinely to reap the many benefits.  Colonic hydrotherapy is used to maintain a healthy digestive system, a clean colon, eliminate constipation or stimulate bowel activity, remove accumulated waste from the colon and to improve the overall health of an individual.  The procedure gets a lot accomplished.

Colonic hydrotherapy is not the most comfortable procedure, but has proven to be a beneficial treatment – if it were not, there would not be so many people lining up to have it done.  The colonic hydrotherapy procedure takes about forty-five minutes to an hour to complete and, maybe additional time to complete the draining process.  A colon therapist typically does the procedure; they will prep, and walk the client through the procedure.  The procedure itself begins by having a hose like the one tube inserted into your anus.  Now that may sound like a big ouch, but compared to a visit to the gynecologist, childbirth, a root canal, the procedure is not very bad.  It may be more undignified than other procedures, but the results can rationalize out any undignified moment.

After the tube is inserted, warm water is gently and slowly released into the anus loosening the waste and stool.  The waste is then sucked into the machine as the body continues to be cleansed throughout.  There is no foul odor or smell that one may expect – the entire procedure is odor free.  That alone may help reverse anti colonics and influence them into taking on this procedure.

However, just in case that is not a motivating factor, and the benefits of having the procedure done has not inspired you, consider the fact that the process can assist in helping people lose weight, and not just added pounds, but bulges and bloating that they have been unsuccessful in trying to eliminate.  No, colonic hydrotherapy is not a substitute for a diet plan or workout program, but can be beneficial alongside them aiding in successful weight loss, and has been proven successful. And, has been very successful in eliminating a tummy bulge.

Excess waste that accumulates and remains in the colon can contain harmful bacteria that can be circulated throughout the body without even knowing it.  Colonic hydrotherapy eliminates that ability for that to happen.  The excess weight is removed during the colonic hydrotherapy treatment and immediately weight is lost, and the overall health of a person is improved.

Other ideal forms of colonic hydrotherapy are aloe vera juice or probiotic supplements.  These, along with the colonic hydrotherapy treatment will solidify elimination and improve the digestive system – ultimately resulting in more physically healthy benefits.

Colonic hydrotherapy can be done at home, after all, it is an enema, however, for the most significant and best results, going to a clinic and having a hydrotherapist complete the procedure is the best, and most efficient.  However, if you are considering doing the procedure at home, make sure you research prior to having it done.  Other additives can be put in the water of an enema.  Many nutritionists and hydrotherapists recommend using coffee diluted down with water as the enema.  For whatever reasons, they are in strong agreement that the coffee water is more potent and has better results.

Although there are many benefits to the hydrotherapy, and pretty much everyone can have the treatment done, there are a few exceptions.  People who suffer from Chromes disease, heart conditions, diverticular disease, ulcerative colitis, and severe hemorrhoids are not good candidates for this procedure as it could aggravate the situation and make it worse.  But people who are not suffering from preexisting ailments are good candidates for this procedure and reap the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy.

In a day where there is so many ailments that we are susceptible to, taking advantage of procedures that can help prevent illness, promote weight loss and improve the overall health, is a good thing to embrace.  A little discomfort can go a long way and improve so many aspects and areas of life.  Again, the colonics procedure is not the most pleasant voluntary procedure, but because of its effectiveness, well worthy being considered and implementing for a lifestyle. Keeping the body thoroughly cleansed is healthy and provides many benefits.   A little tube goes a long way.

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