Dance your way to a better body!

Dance your way to better bodyYou are more likely to stick with an exercise if you truly enjoy doing it.  Fitness should be fun and a great way to accomplish that is by dancing your way to better health.  You will improve on your coordination, tone your muscles and possible meet some wonderful new friends just by joining any one of the great dance classes that are available.

Most cities have community centers or fitness venues that offer these classes during the evening or on weekends for an extremely reasonable rate.  It is usually less expensive to join a dance class than it is to get a membership to a gym and you are more likely to stick with a dance class!

Belly dancing is not only a very sexy dance, but it is a great way to tighten your arm, leg and core muscles.  It burns calories quickly, which will help to speed up your metabolism.  You will be pleasantly surprised by how intricate the moves are and how much conditioning it takes to truly master each move.

Another great workout that is fun and sexy is salsa dancing!  There is a reason that most salsa dancers have tiny, toned bodies.  It is a fabulous workout!  The fancy footwork and quick moves will get your heart rate up, so that you are burning calories with each step.

If you are looking for something more upbeat and exciting, try Zumba, dance aerobics or jazzercise classes.  These classes are designed so that are having fun while losing weight at the same time.  The class environment gives you the beneficial social component and you will develop lifelong bonds with people who have similar goals and interests.

If you sign up for a dance class, make sure you take some time at home to practice between classes.  You will be able to improve on each move from the privacy of your own home and you will lose weight faster.  The more weight you lose by dancing, the more comfort you will feel about your body and the more confident you will become about your dancing abilities.  So get out there and shake your booty today!


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