Little Known But Dangerous Heart Attack Risk Factors Everyone Should Know and Avoid

Little Known But Dangerous Heart Attack Risk Factors Everyone Should Know and AvoidIf you do not have an idea about the risk factors for heart attack, you should take time off to learn and memorize them. The knowledge you acquire on such matters will be helpful to you later. For example, many people now know the main heart attack risk factors that include high blood pressure, smoking, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, physical inactivity, and obesity.


Age and the family history of heart attack are the other risk factors. Some risk factors are within your control while others are not. For example, you can do nothing about age and family history. The first step to reducing the risk factors associated with heart attack includes making wholesome lifestyle changes.


For men, once they reach 45 years old, they are at risk of suffering heart attack. As for women, they have more leeway in that they stand the chance of suffering heart attack once they reach 55 years, or just after menopause. If any of your brothers, and this includes your father, suffered heart attack at age 55 or earlier, you may suffer the same.


Anyone with metabolic symptoms also stands to suffer from heart attack. Men also stand a much higher chance, around 80 percent, of suffering heart attack than women. Race is another risk factor that is rarely mentioned. Whites have a less chance of heart attack compared to blacks, Indians, other Asians, and Latinos.


The neighborhood plays a part in contributing to heart attack. People in poor neighborhoods are twice likely to suffer heart attack than their colleagues in wealthier neighborhoods. Certain antibiotics such as azithromycin are also likely to act as risk factors to heart attacks. Calcium supplements should also be used in moderation due to the role they play in causing heart attacks.


Infections are also heart attack risk factors, and these include flu or any that affects the respiratory tract. Some patients have encountered heart attack after being diagnosed with psoriasis. Negative relationships, especially if they involve your wife, husband, or lover, receive adequate publicity for the role they play in causing heart attack among certain types of people.

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