Biological, Psychological And Social Causes Of Depression In Women

Biological, Psychological And Social Causes Of Depression In WomenWomen are 50% more likely to suffer from depression as compared to men. This difference is mainly influenced by economic, ethnic and racial divide. This depression rate all across the world is influenced by gender differences. Numerous theories attempt in explaining why women tend to be more depressed than men. Numerous factors have played a huge role in such studies like social, psychological and biological factors.

Hormonal and Biological Causes  

Premenstrual Cycles – PMS – Premenstrual Syndromes like emotional reactivity, fatigue, irritability and bloating are caused by hormonal fluctuations in a menstrual cycle. For majority of the women, PMS is very mild in nature. However, for numerous women the symptoms are so harsh that they can disrupt their lives. For such women the diagnosis of PMDD – Premenstrual Dysphonic Disorder is required and recommended.

Infertility and Pregnancy– Pregnancy causes a lot of hormonal changes which can create depressive symptoms in women easily. Other pregnancy related issues like infertility, unwanted pregnancy and miscarriage can also increase depression in women.

Postpartum Depression – Almost all new mothers go through depression for a few weeks after pregnancy, which is absolutely normal. However, for some women this type of depression becomes severe and long lasting and is known as postpartum depression. It is mostly treated with medications and is partly influenced by hormonal fluctuations.

Health Issues – Disability, injury or chronic illness can all lead to severe depression in women. Quitting smoking and crash dieting can cause depression as well.

Psychological Causes

Rumination – Women mostly over think when they are going through depression and tend to focus on the negative feelings and emotions. This includes having conversation with friends about how they are feeling, trying to know the reason of their depression and crying to ease emotional tension. Such rumination not only maintains depression but also makes it worse. On the other hand, men are mostly seen to distract themselves, which greatly helps in depression.

Stress – Research shows that as compared to men, women are twice more likely to develop severe depression due to stress. The physiological response of females to stress is a lot different and more than men. Females generate more stress hormones as compared to men and their stress hormone system does not get shutdown on the production of progesterone, which is the sex hormone, unlike men.

Self Projection – Puberty causes a lot of changes in women because of which they are become more conscious about the way they look and what the opposite gender thinks of them. Body dissatisfaction increases during the onset of puberty which can result in depression.

Social Causes

Coping skills, relationships and lifestyle choices play a great role in depression for both males and females. Social causes of depression include:

Steps to combat depression:

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