Detox – part II

Detox = part IIAs we discussed in previous post on detox, we need to understand toxins, and things like why we need to detox and how we can tackle this. It may sound easy since we hear about detox all the time, but if we understand why and how I think we might be more productive in taking the right decision.

Our body automatically get rid of toxins every single day, but due to overload of toxins in our system we need to manually assist our body to do the job right.

First of all I want to talk about our body.Liver, Kidney and Bowel play the main part in getting rid of toxins from our body on top of other organs. I want to take a look at the jobs these guys do to keep our body clean.


And when it can’t cope with the work load, it will let us know through the following symptoms:


When all the nutrients from the food we consume sucked out and absorbed by the body, we are left with waste material, this is passed out of our body through the bowel. This is a most important organ for our body, but has least importance in our eyes.

Years of fast food, cigarette, prescription drugs, alcohol, insufficient fibre, indigestion, constipation and stress from our modern lifestyle waste matters stays in our system instead of getting rid of. It thickens and get attached to the wall. Up to 10kg of waste matter can be attached to our system and this can slowly release toxin and can be absorbed into our blood stream. No wonder we sometimes feel bloated.

When we do detox it has to include liver and bowel detox to efficiently get rid of toxins from our body. Next time we will dig deep into detox again. I think we have so much to learn when it comes to the nitty gritty of Detox.

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