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How important is Fitness?

Diet & Energy

Let Usana help you improve your physical fitness.

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“Physical Fitness” Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2004:
“The ability of the human body to function with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to engage in leisure activities, and to meet physical stresses.”

Fitness is not about being thin, having a small waist, or having bulging muscles. It is a combination of qualities that enable us to be at our full potential in performing vigorous physical activities. Physical Fitness involves the performance of the heart, lungs, and the muscles of the body.

Now a days being fit and healthy is a priority in young adults. I have witnessed teenage boys getting obsessed with building muscles and 6 packs, just like taking private health insurance having a gym membership became a must in recent decades. A few decade prior, sportsman and celebrities are the ones concerned in keeping their body fit, but now a days pretty much everyone has become a fitness freak.

Recent increase in incurable diseases and unhealthy eating habits have pushed people into fitness regime and we can see the results even when we drive to and from our homes. From dawn to dusk we can see an army of people either cycling or walking briskly to achieve the healthy weight and healthy body.

As we all know to be fit and healthy you need healthy diet, excercise, good sleep, less stress and quality supplement . We are going to look at diet, energy and supplement which is a must for sportsman.

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Why Usana?


FoodsAs well as exercising, it’s also important to eat the right things. Eating the right foods can keep our organs healthy and even help keep our teeth and bones strong for later on in life.

What you eat now will also probably help shape your eating habits later on in life, so it’s important to start as you mean to go on.

Looking at foods to incorporate into your diet? Look for foods with a low GI symbol. This is comparable to the Heart Foundations tick and will help you to achieve balance with your energy levels as well as providing many other health benefits.

Low GI foods  help you manage blood glucose levels, reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease, and maintain a healthy weight. Foods with a low GI rating provide greater satisfaction and fill you up more, preventing the onset of hunger for longer. Because low GI foods are absorbed slowly into the body they are more effective in giving you sustained sustenance which is useful for people trying to manage weight.

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Energy drink

Since the 1990′s energy drinks have become more and more a regular drink on the scene. A lot of people drink them during the day at work, to stay alert, after work for sustained energy to work out. Or before they go out in the evening, or while they’re out at a party. Read more on some interesting factors to see  how dependent we have become on unhealthy versions of energy drinks

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Rev 3:

What Makes Rev3 Different From Other Energy Drinks?

provides all the power of an energy drink while working as a dietary supplement. It is an advanced formula of antioxidants and other important nutrients packed in a delicious beverage that contains no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.
Rev3 is formulated to eliminate the “crash” associated with energy drinks shortly after the rush they provide.

Rev3 Energy Surge Pack is an easy-to-carry sachet pack, perfect for a gym water bottle.

Powerful Benefits

Read more on Rev3 and to order online. To order surge packs.

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