Six Ways Our Diet and Lifestyle Makes Us Lethargic

Six Ways Our Diet and Lifestyle Makes Us Lethargy is a feeling of tiredness, lack of energy and weariness that does not go away even after rests. People feel fatigued in both the body and mind (physical or psychological fatigue). In most instances, lethargy can be traced to your diet and lifestyle habits or routines. However, lethargy can be normal and a sign of important response to physical exertions, emotional stress, boredom, poor eating habits or lack of enough sleep. In most cases, however, lethargy is largely a symptom of underlying medical problems that require immediate attention. When this condition is not relieved by either changing your diet and lifestyle habits, you should seek further medication or get energy products and supplements to boost your energy levels back up.
Dietary causes

It is very necessary to check your diet time and again if you want a more energized life. Let’s find out how diet may cause lethargy.

 1.    Insufficient water intakes

 Living a dehydrated life will automatically result in low energy levels. For instance, metabolism comes to a halt in absence of water. Therefore, for proper body functioning, drink sufficient amounts everyday (a minimum of 7 glasses of water).

2.    Skipping breakfast

 Never at all skip breakfast. This destabilizes your body to carry out other functions. Skipping breakfast translates to low sugar levels. Eat regularly to help balance your energy levels throughout the day. Also, your brain depends on glucose for fuel. Go for foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as wholegrain or bread. Lack of these means low energy levels to keep your body at balance.

3.    Overeating

 Most people imagine that taking large amounts of food gives the body more energy. It is not usually the case. It is exactly the opposite. Large meals drain energy. In fact, instead of eating three large meals a day, you better eat six little meals so as to spread your energy intakes more evenly. This translates to constant insulin and blood sugar levels that help keep your body fresh and energized.


Lifestyle causes:

 4.    Smoking

 Time and again, you have been told or read somewhere that cigarette smoke is dangerous and contains harmful substances. But can it cause lethargy? Yes. Smokers typically have lower energy levels as opposed to non-smokers. For instance, for your body to produce energy, it needs a combination of oxygen and glucose. Carbon monoxide present in smoke reduces oxygen levels present in the blood which means little or no energy available for your body.

 5.    Sedentary Lifestyles

The exact opposite of this is physical activity. Workouts help boost energy levels as opposed to a sedentary lifestyle that is known to cause lethargy. Physical activity has numerous benefits to both the body and mind and additionally makes you sleep better at night. All this finally trickle down to a “motivated” body that can sustain itself for a long time.

6.    Workplace Issues

 This era is coupled with very demanding jobs and at times work burnouts and conflicts at work can be major causes of lethargy. These cannot be ignored and should therefore be addressed to help revive your body and mind’s active state. Here is where to start talk to your human resources officer, he/she will listen.

Energize your system:

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