What to Drink with a Urinary Tract Infection

What to Drink with a Urinary Tract InfectionUrinary tract infections can happen to anyone, but are most common among women and it is almost a guarantee that one in two women will experience a urinary tract infection at some point in her life.  UTI is basically a bacterial infection and the UTI can reoccur with a different strand of bacteria, making the problem, for many women, an ongoing battle.   It is near impossible to completely treat the infection without a form of antibiotic and oral treatment last anywhere from a week to ten days.  There are other durations of treatment that can be anywhere from one to three days – obviously those treatments are aggressive in attacking the bacteria.

UTI is very unpleasant, and interferes drastically with the life of women.  Accompanied by side effects that can be intolerable, the infection will only get worse if left untreated.  There is a severe discomfort when trying to urinate, and often nothing or very little is released.  Many women experience burning sensations, cramps, smelly urine, and in severe cases, nausea.  Sexual intercourse often becomes very discomforting as well and many women find they are unable to perform.  Everyday living is impeded on because of the irritations of a urinary tract infection.

There are some common causes for UTI, one of them is a new sex partner – this can instantly bring with it a urinary tract infection.  When a woman is exposed to a new partner, she is also exposed to new bacteria.  In addition to a new partner, and increase in sexual activity and intensity of the routine can also result in an infection.  Pregnancy, diabetes, staph infections or other infections often lead to a UTI as well.  However, whatever the cause or condition that has led to a urinary tract infection, immediate attention is warranted to clear it up before it travels to the kidney.

While antibiotics are the most common and effective and for many, the only way to treat a urinary tract infection, there are also other methods used to treat UTI, flooding the tract with fluids has also been known to alleviate the pain and discomfort and cause relief of the symptoms.  Herbal teas and water are highly suggested to alternatively combat the infection.  In addition to those, drinks that have cranberries and blueberries are commonly known to help with urinary tract infections.  These juices also lower the risks of UTIs, if regularly consumed.  Blueberries and cranberries contain substances that slow down the binding of bacteria to bladder tissues.  Grapefruit seed extract is a known agent to target against the bad bacteria that has caused these infections as well.  Drinking large amounts of any of these substances is highly recommended.  There are also drinks that should be avoided when trying to treat the infections and those are drinks that are high in caffeine, like coffee and other stimulate drinks. It is also good to avoid alcohol as well.

A urinary tract infection will not go away on its own, and can reoccur easily.  Left untreated they can easily travel to the kidney and present much more complications for women.  By treating the infection immediately, and combating further infections with proper liquids, you can avoid a urinary tract infection, help heal the UTI or prevent it from returning.

Healthy lifestyles go a long way and proper care can eliminate the risk of many bacterial infections or diseases.  Always contact a physician immediately at the onset of any UTI symptoms.


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