Early signs of insulin resistance

Early signs of insulin resistance

As I mentioned earlier poor life style is the major cause for insulin resistance, so it perfectly make sense to change our life style for the better to stop progressing towards chronic disease. A clinical trial has been conducted by Dr Ray Strand and his team, for people who want to change their path towards healthy life.

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It is interesting to know about another factor that has an effect on our blood glucose level. Glucagon is a hormone that is made naturally in the pancreas, which raises blood glucose levels. Glucagon has a major role in maintaining normal concentrations of glucose in blood, and is often described as having the opposite effect of insulin.

When blood glucose levels are high, large amounts of glucose are taken up by the liver. Under the influence of insulin, much of this glucose is stored in the form of glycogen. When blood glucose level falls too low, the pancreas releases glucagon. Glucagon causes the liver to convert stored glycogen into glucose, and released into the bloodstream.

Glucagon also stimulates the release of insulin, so that glucose can be taken up and used by insulin-dependent tissues. Glucagon and insulin are part of a feedback system that keeps blood glucose levels at the right level.

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