Easy ways to boost your metabolism

How to boost metabolismThe easiest way to improve your body by shedding some excess weight is giving your metabolism a little kick start.  There are so many effective ways to boost your metabolism simply by making better dietary choices. You don’t have to change your diet completely and here are some small changes that can have a huge impact.

Eat the right food!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but many of the things that you eat can actually help improve your body by energizing your metabolism. By eating the right fruits and vegetables, you can burn more calories and increase your energy level.

One fabulously sweet and powerful fruit that you can snack on is grapefruit. Citrus fruits like grapefruit have the ability to burn fat while increasing your metabolism level. This is due to the fruits’ high concentration of vitamin C which has been proven to reduce insulin spikes. Apples and pears are other good choices that will help to improve your overall health while giving your metabolism a boost.

Decrease your liquid calories!

A reduction in liquid calorie consumption will increase your metabolism, because your body will burn off more calories from the solid food you eat instead of focusing on burning off the sugar in soda pop, fruit juices or alcohol. By drinking fewer calories, you will also decrease your total calorie intake, since you will end up consuming less throughout the day. Our body is able to self-regulate its intake of solid food. If you eat too much solid food at one meal, you will tend to eat less later on since you will feel physically full. Unfortunately, the same self-regulation effect does not account for what you drink. The body does not adjust to compensate for the liquid calories, so you end up drink and eating more, which usually results in weight gain.

Add a little spice in your life!

Most spices will not only give your food a burst of flavor, but they can also give your body a burst of energy.  Studies have proven that a spicy meal, such as a bowl of chili, can provide a temporary rise of up to eight percent greater than a person’s regular metabolic rate. Similar studies have reported the same results with people eating cayenne pepper, ginger, or black pepper.

Eat smaller meals more often!

Most people have already heard how eating smaller meals more frequently will improve your metabolism, but since it is so effective, it had to be included in this list.  Eating small healthy snacks throughout the day will decrease your daily calorie intake, regulate your blood sugar levels and prevent your metabolism from suddenly crashing.

These simple tricks will help keep your metabolism moving and your body burning calories, to help you get into better physical condition. Eat your fruits and vegetables, reduce your liquid calories, spice it up and eat smaller meals more often. It is a pretty easy system for you to keep up and you’ll notice the positive effects almost immediately!

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