Easy ways to incorporate fitness into your schedule!

Incorporating fitness into your scheduleThe most popular excuse not to exercise is a lack of time.  Life is hectic and it is hard to find an hour or two each day to squeeze in a workout.  Luckily there are simple little secrets where you can sneak exercise into your regular routine.

It is the simple choices we make throughout the day that can have the greatest impact on our fitness.  One of the easiest ways to incorporate fitness into your day is by choosing to walk whenever possible. There is no reason you need to drive to the corner store two blocks from your home.  It will only take an extra ten minutes and you’ll save on gas in the process.  The further the walk, the more calories you will burn, so take a longer route there on days you are not as pressed for time.

Another trick to increase the amount your walk is to park further from the door whenever you go shopping.  Park at the far side of the lot and if your purchases are not too heavier, try carrying the bags in your arms instead of using a shopping cart.  The extra weight in your arms will increase your calorie burn as you walk.

Try to always take the stairs instead of the elevator when it is a reasonable to do so.  You don’t need to race up ten flights of stairs on your way to work, so that you end up being sweaty and uncomfortable all day, but you could walk down them after work.  Anytime it is four flights or less, an alarm should trigger in your head when you hit the elevator button.  Rather than just standing there doing nothing while you wait for the elevator, start walking towards the nearest stairwell.  You will feel like you have really accomplished something when you make it to the top.

I try to always wear small 5lbs wrist weights whenever I do anything physical demanding with my arms.  I can feel the strain on my muscles if I wear them while I fold the laundry, sweep or dust.  I have to do these chores anyway, but the extra weight increases my calorie burn in the process.  You can also wear them as ankle weights and spend 20 minutes walking up and down a set of stairs.

Most people do not enjoy watching commercials, so why not pass the time with simple yet effective workouts.  Muscle confusion is a popular and powerful way to increase the burn in a short period of time.  Try alternating between exercises every time the commercial changes.  Squat for 30 seconds, hold a plank for 30 seconds, do push ups for 30 seconds and then go back to squats.  There are so many easy moves you can do on your living room floor without any equipment, so mix up the movements each new commercial break.

If you are fortunate to have a full hour for lunch, try to squeeze in a walk around your work.  Walk for 20-30 minutes and then eat your lunch.  You will give your metabolism a wakeup call before you eat, especially if you have been sitting down in front of a computer all day.

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