How to Eat Your Way to Healthy Teeth

How to Eat Your Way to Healthy TeethThe health of your teeth and mouth is literary on your plate, and glass. When you have signs of bad health in your mouth, such as bad breath, gum disease, loose teeth and a dry mouth, chances are very high that what you are eating or drinking is the culprit. In this post, we shall look at how to eat in such a way that your oral hygiene and health are enhanced.

Foods That Promote Dental Health

Dairy products like milk are very good for your teeth. This is because they supply your body with calcium, and teeth are made from calcium. Your body needs calcium in its other operations (such as ensuring a regular heartbeat) so when your body does not get enough calcium from what you eat it will get it from where it has been “stored”; that is, from your teeth and bones. Your jawbone will suffer the most from this “poaching” and your teeth will become loose. Moral of the story? Consume foods that contain sufficient levels of calcium and you will have healthy teeth. If you are not sure of how much calcium you are obtaining from your food, take a calcium supplement to top up what is in your diet.

Fruits and Vegetables. These foods are excellent for your teeth in many ways. First, you must chew them for a while and that leads to the formation of lots of saliva. Saliva washes the mouth and removes microorganisms that would have formed acids that corrode your teeth. Saliva also neutralizes acids in the month, further protecting your teeth from corrosion. Secondly, crunchy fruits and vegetables rinse the surface of the teeth and remove food particles from them. Third, fruits contain Vitamin C that helps in warding off infection. This is good for your teeth because gingivitis and other gum diseases can be kept at bay.

Water is also very good for your teeth. It removes food particles that could have harbored harmful germs that cause plaque. If the water your drink contains fluoride (tap water) then you get additional protection against tooth decay.

Green tea has polyphenols that remove plaque from teeth. In fact, it has been discovered that people that consume at least one cup of green tea each day almost halve their chance of losing their teeth.

If you are battling bad breath, there are some foods that are very helpful. Parsley is one of the very best. Green tea, yogurt, fruits and vegetables also help fight this condition in the short term. The foods in this category help because some contain probiotics (good bacteria) while others cause saliva formation which cleans the oral cavity. While you take these foods, be sure to see your dentist so that a lasting solution is found.

It would be unfair to end this discussion without talking about foods that are bad for your teeth. Acidic things like lemon should be avoided, or heavily diluted, to protect teeth from corrosion. Cereals can also stick on your teeth so practice good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) when you consume them.

So, what are your views on the connection between food and oral health? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below!


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