Eat and Lose Weight

Eat and Lose WeightIf you’re one of those few lucky people with genes that keep you skinny no matter how much you eat – congratulations – you have no idea what the rest of us go through! Most of us are not that lucky! Millions of people are trying to lose weight all their lives. Trying to lose weight sometimes seems like a never-ending battle. It’s a battle that we almost always lose. So, what are we doing wrong?

You know those fast diets that are extremely hard, but promise you a lot of weight loss? Have you ever tried one of those? they work, don’t they? However, after just a few days every single pound is back (or doubled)! This way we’re stuck in this vicious circle for most of our lives.

Have you ever thought that instead of ‘not eating’, you could try the opposite? What if that gives you much better results, without having to starve to death? Well, we’ve been doing things wrong for so long, it’s time to learn how to eat – but still lose weight.

In order to do this, it’s important to know what foods to eat. Here’s a list of foods you can freely enjoy and still lose weight:

Although the list above is perfect if you want to lose weight, don’t be too hard on yourself if you crave for a snack. You’ll get back on track in no time. You’re only human! And in times when you really need a snack, but you don’t want to lose your motivation, you can try a healthier alternative such as USANA’s Snacks – with only 160 calories each, you can indulge in the pleasure, and avoid the guilt that comes after!

Detoxing the system:

This is for people who are seriously considering detox

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