The Effects of Menopause

How Do You Tackle Effects of Menopause?

Effects of MenopauseWomen seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to issues they have to deal with throughout their lives.  Mother Nature pays a visit to girls early on in their lives and plays relentless games with women throughout their lives.  Women will experience a lifetime of volatile emotions that are by the time they are 30, and in many cases, some of their experiences can alter their life.  But most women roll with the punches and conquer the perils of womanhood with dignity and grace.  However, when a woman gets to the beginning stages of menopause, many emotions and feelings are triggered that can result in radical changes among the woman.

Far and few is the woman who breezes through menopause without struggles and without using hormones A woman who is experiencing menopause or pre-menopause many experience many symptoms that capture and hold a woman prisoner until she is able to work through them, or until menopause is run its emotional and physical course.

The average age for a woman to go through menopause is age fifty-one, however, many women experience menopause much earlier and others may experience it much later Menopause symptoms can begin years before a woman actually begins menopause.  One of the most common signs of the on stages of menopause is changes in the menstrual cycle, and the changes can be significant or subtle.  Many women will have begun to have periods that are either heavier or lighter than what they usually experience.  In addition, the periods may become irregular, sometimes more frequent and often less.  The irregularities in a woman’s menstrual cycle can be the beginning of menopause, and, from the beginning, stages to completion can last years for many women.

The beginning of menopause does not just show itself in changed periods, other prevailing signs and symptoms also affect women, and a commonly known symptom is hot flashes.  Women will experience hot flashes over their upper body and these flashes can overwhelm many women and leave them feeling uncomfortable and somewhat vulnerable.  The hot flashes can occur anytime, anywhere and are often very uncomfortable.  Again, each woman will experience the hot flashes differently – some women may have many hot flashes a day and others, not so many, and not so severe.  However, either way, the distressing feeling of hot flashes has to run their course with all women in the menopause stage of their life.

Vaginal dryness is another symptom of the onset of menopause and unfortunately, last throughout menopause and after.  Because of this, many women find sex to be uncomfortable and less enjoyable and compounded with the physical feeling of dryness, women naturally lose interest in sex as they age, and go through menopause.  Losing the desire for sex, or sexual impulse can have a negative emotional effect on woman, and many women end up feeling insecure and not desirable.  These types of feelings can leave a woman feeling threatened and can create more emotional problems if not dealt with properly.

Another humbling side effect that women may experience is bladder control, and while this also comes with aging, it is very common in menopausal women.  Losing bladder control or having irritable bladder issues can be very hard on women, and make the experience of menopause less tolerable and more shameful for them, again, resulting in setbacks that are more emotional.

The physical side effects of menopause seems harsh enough for any woman to have to walk through, battling with those symptoms, and others, like dryness of skin, mouth, eyes and sleeplessness, can take its toll emotionally on women.  In addition, when you compound that with the other emotional struggles that women, aging, and menopause bring, it becomes a recipe for depression if not dealt with and without support.

Many women rely on hormone supplements to reduce the symptoms and side effects of menopause but some of them cannot be escaped – even with menopause.  The physical reality that woman are saying goodbye to their youth as a result of menopause is a harsh awakening that most women find difficult to embrace.  Aging for women is different than for men, and involves more complex emotional issues.  Society is on the side of youthfulness when it comes to women, and is evidenced in every area of our lives and for women who are entering menopause, even though they are not elderly, they can often feel like they are being forced to hold their flag in surrender to a youthfulness that their body says no longer exists.

Women need to prepare for this journey called menopause develop an understanding of exactly what it is – it is not an end to youthfulness.  Physically, a woman’s body is shutting down the possibility of having children – and while that reality may affect women  in a harsh way, understanding that this is really the only element of youthfulness that has to be surrendered can make menopause easier.  Embracing what menopause is and accepting closure to that area of their life will not eliminate the symptoms, but can help a women journey through the phase of their life a little easier.

Menopause will happen for every woman, and each will experience it at different times in her life.  There are hormone pills to treat many of the symptoms, both physical and emotional, and women do have to work through menopause on a daily basis.  Yes, there is closure to ever being able to conceive a child, and closure to many areas of youth and embracing that and moving forward

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