Why everyone’s day should start with a “good” breakfast

Good breakfastThere is a reason why you always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the nutrition and energy you need to face the day, plus it sets the tone for what you will eat for the rest of the day. Most people understand its importance, yet so many people skip it completely or eat an unhealthy sugary pastry.

The effects of skipping breakfast completely are a short attention span, lack of alertness, longer reaction time, low blood sugar, and a decrease in productivity. School children who skip breakfast are more like to be hyper active, irritable, anxious, and more disruptive in the classroom. Your brain and body need fuel to function at their best and that starts first thing in the morning.

When you start your day with a cup of coffee and a sweet pastry, you are usually consuming high amounts of sugar. Sugar will give you an immediate, but unfortunately temporary boost of energy. The caffeine in your coffee will make you feel more alert, but it’s not a good idea to accompany it with sugar, especially if that was already the staple of your morning diet.

Sugar combined with caffeine will make your blood sugar (glucose) levels soar. The downside of this effect is that the sudden energy boost is extremely short-lived. As the pancreas responds to this surge of glucose, it produces insulin to bring the levels back down to an acceptable amount. This means that a few hours after this unhealthy breakfast, you will be left feeling tired and hungry again and in search of another quick sugar fix.

That is why you need a good breakfast every day. There are a variety of tasty whole grains, proteins, and fruit will make an excellent start to your day.

Here are some great examples:


When you wake up in the morning, your body has been fasting during the hours you were sleeping. Eating breakfast means to “break the fast” and give your body and brain the nutrients and energy they need to function. Starting the day with foods that provide lasting energy means you’ll feel better longer into your day.


By eating a good breakfast, you will feel more satisfied, which means you are less likely to overeat later on. If you are trying to lose weight, cutting calories by skipping breakfast never works. Studies have shown that most people who have lost weight and kept it off made sure that they ate breakfast every day.


Studies have also shown that adults who eat a healthy breakfast are more efficient than those who decide to skip it. Everyday should start with a good, nutritious breakfast to ensure that your body has what it needs to perform at its best. Don’t count on coffee and some sugary goodness to satisfy your body, when there are so many better choices that taste just as good!

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