Exercise to Relieve Stress

Exercise to relieve stressExercising has had positive proven effects on the health and well-being of people in both mental and physical aspects.  The physical benefits of exercising are apparent – a well-conditioned person has a physique that radiates vigor and fitness.  Often, the effects exercise has on the mental aspect of a person are recognizable as well.  Exercise is a fundamental necessity for relieving stress.  Bottled up pressure and stress that is not allowed to leave resonates on the person’s body and begins to deteriorate both mentally as well as physically, crippling them in many ways.  However, people who exercise routinely, has a solid regimen established, and are able to conduct their lives with minimal intrusion from toxic stressors that bind so many in a state of oppression.

Understanding stress and how it works is a key component in processing it and learning how to release stress.  Stress is simply, your body trying to protect you from danger.  Based on that definition, stress almost sounds like a good thing, and to some degree, it is a relatively good mechanism.  Stress provides and ability for people to work better and harder under pressure.  It also forces a person to step to their challenges and achieve, under pressure.  But there is a fine line of healthy stress and all encompassing stress that people have danced upon the majority of their adult lives and routinely fall to the overwhelming negative side of stress.

To understand how stress affects the body, there needs to be a fundamental knowledge of how stress is released.  Whenever the body is attacked the nervous system will immediately react releasing adrenaline and cortisol.  Cortisol or better known as the stress hormone has a few positive effects that correspond to with the good aspects of stress.  When cortisol is released, it can produce a sudden rush of energy which often enables people to accomplish multiple tasks in a short period of time.  The memory functions are heightened as well.  The acuteness of your memory often brings out a positive effect on work or studying or whatever the stress trigger may have been.  There is also evidence of sudden a burst of increased immunity which allows you to function at a higher level without the body immediately crashing.  Cortisol has also lowered the sensitivity of pain – that is why people in combat who are under great amounts of stress do not often feel the full effects of their injuries.

In understanding some of the effects cortisol has, one may think stress is underrated and a possible good thing.  This is where the fine line between stress and relaxation need to collide, and with the absence of that, the negative effects begin to attack.  Long-term stress suppresses the thyroid function.  Once a theory, it has now been proven that high stress levels can cause weight gain. Bone density as well as muscle tissue is decreased as well.  Blood pressure will increase, and the once burst of increased immunities now has the reversed affected leaving the person more susceptible to illness.  That is the physical effects of stress, the mental and emotional effects are just as extreme; cognitive performance and judgment is impaired.  In addition, there is emotional imbalance that can drastically take effect as it progresses.

Stress is harmful and has damaging side effect that can be devastating. Managing the stress and releasing stress is the only way to guard you from potential harm.  Stress has been linked to heart disease, heart failure and strokes, and the development of tumors in m any types of cancers.  For most people, that cannot alter their lifestyles to alleviate that unwanted stress – if that is an impossibility, then a routine exercise regiment should be incorporated to eliminate that stress.

Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and alleviate pressures – exercise is the primal way to relieve tension.  When exercising the mind is relaxed and stress is released.  The body is meant to move around, not to remain in a sedentary position, so exercising is necessary to keep the body functioning the way it should.  Standing opposite of cortisol the stress hormone, is endorphins, the happy hormone.  When a person exercises, or experiences physical activity at any level, the endorphins are released.  Contrary to the end result of cortisol, endorphins leave a person feeling euphoric, energized, and happy.  Endorphins are our body’s natural painkillers and can curtail the feelings of desperation and hopelessness found in many people today.

The physical pluses of exercises are all widely known, but the mental positives of exercise are continuously evolving.  When the endorphins are released like a magical potion, negative emotions including anger, frustration, depression, and irritability are liberated and more positive emotions take up residence over the body.  With regular exercise, the amounts of adrenal hormones that are a result of stress are combated against for a complete reduction of overall stress.

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