Are You Exercising Enough To Keep Your Bones Healthy?

Are You Exercising Enough To Keep Your Bones Healthy?You have probably heard stories about people sustaining fractures from very ordinary-sounding accidents; slipping in the bathroom, missing a step as they climb stairs, and so on. These fractures are symptomatic of one thing, that is, poor bone health. In this post, we are going to explore the kinds of exercises that can enhance the health of your bones so that you reduce the likelihood of fractures.

Bone Health and Weight-Bearing Exercises

A very good way to build and maintain bone health is to engage in weight-bearing exercises. These exercises require you to work against gravity when you are in an upright position. Weight-bearing exercises fall into two categories; high intensity and low intensity exercises.

High impact exercises include dancing, jogging, running, climbing stairs, playing tennis and jumping rope. Low impact weight exercises include walking at a fast pace, doing low impact aerobics, exercising on a treadmill and working out on stair-step machines.

Strength Exercises and Bone Health

Exercises that you do in order to gain strength in your muscles are also good for the health of your bones. The other name for these exercises is resistance training. Doing these exercises involves carrying a weight, your body or another object against gravitational forces. These exercises include working out on weight machines, lifting your body weight, lifting weights, standing on your toes, and so on.

How Frequently Should You Do These Exercises?

Weight-bearing exercises should be done for at least half an hour on as many days of the week as possible. Strength or resistance exercises should also be done twice or thrice each week.

You also need to do other exercises to improve posture, body balance and boost general functioning of the body. These can be done daily. If you can’t do an entire 30-minute session of these exercises at a go, spread them out throughout the day.

What Risks Should One Watch Out For When Doing These Exercises?

If you have had fractures resulting from osteoporosis, you must avoid doing high-intensity weight training since you would be at a high risk of sustaining fractures. Any exercise regimen you start must be commenced after talking to your doctor or physical therapist. This is particularly true for high-risk people like the elderly and those that have any pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure.

In the beginning, go slow then gradually step up the intensity of exercises as your body gains strength and endurance. Your bones will become stronger and the onset of bone-mass loss will be slowed down.

Are Exercises Enough?

Exercise is just one part of the equation. Bone health also relies on proper nutrition to avail the nutrients from which bones are made and nurtured. Chief of these nutrients is calcium. Because of inadequate nutrients in soils, one cannot be sure that they are getting enough calcium from food (crops and dairy products).

To avoid worrying about whether you are getting enough or not, take calcium supplements to complement what you get from your diet.

Have you had any issues with your bones? What are you doing to boost your bone health? Let us know n the comments below!

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