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Fish(y) TaleReading an article from Healthy & Heartwise gave me some insights that I want to share with you today. You have heard me harp too many times about fish oils and their importance. This magazine does the same as well, this should tell you something. Are you doing the right thing to your body?

According to Cardiologist Prof David Colquhoun, to survive we must eat, drink and breathe.The cleanliness and quality of these ‘inputs’ to our mouths have a huge impact on whether we survive and thrive as individuals.

Over the last 50 years, it has become clear as to what constitutes a healthy diet and helps prevent heart disease and probably cancer. For the past 20 years or so, the Heart Foundation of Australia gas therefore refined dietary recommendations to reflect the latest in research.

It was first noted at least half a century ago that people who ate fish had lower rates of heart disease and stroke. In virtually every county, people who eat fish regularly are healthier than non-fish eaters. Did you know that fish eaters also have lower rates of depression.

In the 1960s, the US scientist Ancel Keys noted in his Seven Countries Study that Japanese fisherman had extremely low rates of heart disease and they ate up to two kilos of fish per day! I don’ t think I can do that though.

Remember one daily serve of fish is about 150 grams, so these fishermen were having up to 20 serves of fish per day. It must have been their favourite dish by the looks of it.

The Heart Foundation recommends that we all have at least two serves of oily fish per week for optimal health and prevention of heart disease. The problem is that less than one-third of Australians eat fish on a regular basis.

Things to remember:

Source: Healthy & Heartwise Vol 49

Catchy news:

Another article informs, extra-strong fish oil capsules will be prescribed by the doctor and dispensed at pharmacy. It also states that government recommends taking one capsule daily if you have a heart attack and four capsules if you have high triglycerides. Although the prescribed fish oil will look like a standard capsule but more concentrated compared to most of those in health-food stores or supermarkets. It contains 465mg of the omega-3 polyunsaturated oil EPA and 375mg DHA while most retail brands of fish oil have less than half these amounts-along with 4mg of vitamin E.


Now compare this information with why omega? and you decide what is best for your health

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