Fitness after 40

For some Fitness after 40people ‘Life begins at 40′, and for the others health issues, fear of getting old and other issues spoils it all. According to  Healthy & Heart wise, many people fear that weight gain is inevitable as they age, due to slow metabolic rate. If you don’t exercise after the age of thirty,on average, you’ll lose about two kilos of muscle weight per decade, which leads to two-to-five percent reduction in your resting metabolic rate, leading to gradual fat weight increase. If you are still not doing exercise after the age of 50, that loss of muscle mass can increase to half a kilo per year.

About 50 per cent of Australian women over 45 are now overweight with most of them carrying that weight around their tummies, due to midlife hormonal changes, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and the belief that it’s harder to stay slim as you get older. With the right exercise regime, diet and attitude this can be prevented. By regular exercise, particularly strength training, extra kilos can be sorted.

Celebrity trainer James Duigan recommends 45 minutes to an hour’s strength training three times a week with no excuses.

Women in their 40s and 50s can be stressed due to caring for teenagers, elderly parents, homes  as well as working. If cortisol (stress hormone) is produced in large amount, it can cause fat gathering on the front of your tummy.Yoga session at least once a week might help manage your stress level.

Don’t go for the low-fat food, since many of these foods are high in sugar to make them taste nice and that can lead to more worse outcome. If you eliminate sugars for two weeks you will see a big difference in your body.

Having a simple diet consists of  fresh meat, fish, lots of green vegetables, some low GI fruit, nuts and seeds helps a lot. Also James Duigan  suggests having quality carbohydrates like brown rice, whole spelt pasta or mashed potato at night helps promote good sleep.

Five tips for fitness after 40:

1. Take supplements:

Take good quality fish oil supplement and multi vitamin every day. Fish oil as an anti-inflammatory as well as keeping hair, nails and skin looking good. Multi vitamins may help prevent degenerative disease.

2. Don’t let your age stop you:

Do what you are capable of  and understand that the body is a beautiful resilient thing.

3. Pick a fight:

Boxing and kickboxing is a great strength and cardio workout and works every muscle in your body. It’s empowering and also the ultimate stress release.

4. Stretch it out:

Good sleap is essential for repair and fat burning and it’s a good idea to stretch before you go to bed as your muscles will remain long and it’ll help you relax. The latest science from the US suggests holding each stretch for 15 seconds, releasing and repeating four times.

5. Think holistically:

Fitness is about so much more than the size of your waistline. Health and happiness go hand in hand  and that includes choosing healthy activities that make you happy.

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