10 Of the Best Health and Fitness Smartphone Apps To Get You Fit At Home

10 Of the Best Health and Fitness Smartphone Apps To Get You Fit At HomeIf you want to track and monitor your health and fitness goals at home, using your smartphone is a great way to do it.  This is because you are always with your smartphone as well as your apps. Most of these apps pair with activity trackers to help you track your total fitness. Most importantly, these fitness apps help you set your own realistic goals and see you throughout the process at a manageable pace.


1. Argus

This one is free but is available on iOS only. This app tracks your movements for as long as your carry your smartphone. It allows you to log workouts, keep watch on water intakes and take photos of your food to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

2. Coach Alba

This one comes at a price of $29.95 per year. It works on any phone equipped with SMS. Whatever your lifestyle, Coach Alba tracks and talks you down from eating those cookies. It is an amazing app that helps you through those “tough moments” of dieting.

 3. Cyclometer

This app is free but can be upgraded at a cost of $4. However, this is optional. Also, it only works on an iOS platform only. Specifically, it is a bicycle ride tracking application that accurately collects a wealth of data. This app will appeal to any fitness enthusiast who takes part in more than one sporting activity.

4. Digifit iCardio

The Digifit iCardio app is free but requires a compatible heart rate monitor that goes for $100. It is available on both iOS and Android. If you need real hard statistics about your workouts, GPS and accelerometers are not enough. You can pair this app with any supported version of heart rate monitors. Precisely, it records your heart rate, distance, pace and time.

5. Endomondo Sports Tracker

It is available on Blackberry, iOS, Android, Web and Windows Phone. This app focuses on community aspects of staying focused and motivated to attain your goals. It uses GPS features on your smartphone to track cycling, running, skating, jogging as well as any other sport that can be measured by distance among other factors.

6. Fitbit

Fitbit is free but you can upgrade it to premium for $49 per year. It is available on iOS, Android and Web.  It counts your calories, logs your weight, and records your health information such as glucose and blood sugar levels.

7. Fitocracy

This app is totally free and is available on iOS, Android and Web. It uses game-like statistics to enhance friendly competition and spur your dedication to workouts. This app is very social for tracking workouts particularly weightlifting and shares your progress with other members. From weightlifters to swimmers, this app is way awesome.

8. FitStar

It is a free app but can be upgraded for $4 per month or $49 per year for premium versions. It is available on iOS only. Inspired by former NFL star Tony Gonzalez, this app contains basic workouts to inspire you to move even more. On the other hand, its premium version offers more program options such as “Get Lean” and “Get Strong”. You can perform these workouts from home since no equipment is required.

9. Gain fitness

This workout app is free but for additional exercise packs, it goes for just $2.99. It is available on iOS and Web. This coaching and workout app allows you to schedule and set routines for exercising at home, the gym or even on the go. This app lets you schedule your workouts to use equipment such as stretching bands and weights.

10. Jefit Workout

The Jefit Workout ends our list of the ten best fitness apps for your smartphone. It is also available on iOS and Android. It is free but its Pro version goes for $4.99.  This app offers you simple tools that let you craft weight-lifting workouts and track your details as you complete them. You can log reps, sets and how much you have lifted. Its calendar feature allows you to plan your rest days and workout days.

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