Food rich in Nutrients

Let us compare the old days when antioxidants can be obtained by eating a healthy diet. What is so different that we now say that diet alone can’t provide us with the goodness our body so need to keep it healthy?

What is the element in the days of our ancestors?

  1. The soil was rich with nutrients
  2. They picked the product only and left the rest of the plant to be recycled by the soil to get its nutrient back
  3. They had intervals between cultivation and during the interval add more natural nutrient to the soil
  4. They used animals to dig the soil, the droppings of the animals can be used as a nutrient source for the soil
  5. Used non or less pesticides
  6. No genetical modification used
  7. No pressure to produce more to feed everyone, so did not need growth hormones to increase the process
  8. Vegetables and fruits sold fresh in the market and cooked straight away.
  9. Did not have the need to pick the produce before its proper time
  10. Did not have the need to package and ship
  11. No refrigeration for longer period needed
  12. Did not use microwave for cooking

The food they consumed was rich in nutrient and mineral.

Did you know that the antioxidant will form in a fruit when it is left in the tree till it ripens? The fruit that is picked when it is not ripe for shipping purposes and storing purposes or used artificial methods to make it ripe won’t contain the precious antioxidant that our body needs form that particular fruit.


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