Getting Pregnant over 40

getting pregnant over 40Women are extremely complex creatures – from their emotions, to their mental thoughts, and to their physical bodies, the species is not anything less than complicated.  One of the hardest areas for women is how the physical body ages, and whether there is a realization of it or not, the reality is, for many, evidence of age for women comes with her inability to bear children.  For some reason, that looming cloud not only signifies that childbearing years are over, it seems to indicate another harsh truth, youth is slipping away. That is why getting pregnant over 40 seems more complicated than it should.

What is that magical, or, more of the looming number that hovers around women waiting to descend and tell them fertility is no longer a possibility?  Unfortunately, it begins around 35, is when the eggs seem to be fewer and few, making it harder for women to conceive – and although it is not fair, given that men can produce children well into their seventies and eighties – it is a reality that women must face.

But that is not to say that hope is lost, on the contrary.  Women over 40 deliver healthy babies safely everyday.  There are some things to remember, however, we know enough about women’s health today to help women over 35, 40 even 45, have safe pregnancies and produce healthy babies.  Conception after 35 is difficult because a woman does not ovulate as she once did – often, there may be months when there is no egg, making the process of conception become more scientific.

Regardless of your age, remaining healthy and in shape will help with conception.  Women that are over 35 have enough challenges; they should not be compounded with other issues like weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other ailments that can be easily treated through natural healthcare.  By having a routine medical exam, you can see the areas of health that need to be improved, and, have the doctor examine you thoroughly to see if there are any prevailing issues that may make conception more difficult.  Begin exercises, maintain a good diet and take vitamin supplements to prepare your body and make it ready for conception.

Many women enjoy the surprise of getting pregnant but for women over 35, the art and beauty of conceptions becomes more of a science experiment that is tested every month.  Intercourse needs to be planned around ovulation and by using an ovulation predictor kit; you can easily chart the basal body temperature and cervical fluid to determine when ovulation will begin.  When you time your intercourse to occur the day of ovulation or the night before, you are greatly increasing your chance of becoming pregnant.

Women need to be patient, and although they may feel like they are running up against a clock as it pertains to conception, they cannot put added stress on themselves or pressure.  That kind of constant anxiety will only hinder the process and infringe on the relationship.  If you have not conceived naturally after about 4-6 months, contacting your doctor to explore fertility options may be necessary.  If you are having trouble getting pregnant over 40 after 3 months, then you should contact your physician.  There are many fertility aids that can make conception quicker and smoother.

Age for many is a number, for women trying to conceive the number is something that is always in the back of their minds.  But women need to remember, conception and pregnancy are possible with age – it may take longer and more effort may be involved, but getting pregnant over 40 is not even close to being impossible.

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