Good Health – An Essential Need for Pregnant Women

Good Health - An Essential Need for Pregnant WomenA woman experiences many changes, physically and mentally, when she is pregnant. She develops different eating and drinking habits along with experiencing changes in her cravings, and moods. Apart from the fact that every woman’s cravings differ during pregnancy, almost all women are required to carefully choose and ensure a proper intake as they have to take care of two now; themselves and their baby.

Hence, it is important for a pregnant woman, to get handful knowledge that can enable her to take proper health measures, during the condition. Health tips, listed below, can be of significant importance to a pregnant woman, especially, if it is the very first of her experience.

A pregnant woman is required to take 300 calories of energy a day, states the medical research. It is important to ensure intake of proper nutritional supplements as well. Take calcium and protein rich supplements with the advice of your doctor.

Often the doctors prescribed that the women should increase the intake of vitamin D during pregnancy. Here are a few suggestions.

-          Fish Liver Oil

-          Fatty Fish

-          Fortified Milk

-          Egg

-          Cereal Products

Protein is an important nutritional element in making up single body cell of the child. 75 grams or high protein intake can reduce several health problems that one is likely to suffer, during pregnancy, such as hypertension and eclampsia. However, if your cravings do not let you take protein diet then there are numerous protein products available that can fulfil your requirements.

Devise a proper dietary plan that supplies you with all the bodily nutrition, in appropriate quantities. However, be selective, in your diet intake. While you may develop craving for the specific food items, it is highly recommended that you remain selective in your dietary intake. Avoid junk foods and the items that are low on calories. After all, it is a good diet, which is most important for a pregnant woman.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy:

- Unpasteurized dairy products

- Raw seafood

- Cold deli meats

- Undercooked meat and egg

Avoid eating high in mercury fish. They can greatly affect your health!

If you are unable to increase your diet intake, then, you can try having the following products:

-          Vanilla Nutrimeal:  This French Vanilla Milkshake is a perfect meal replacement.

-          Chocolate Nutrimeal: The Dutch Chocolate Shake is formulated as a nutritional meal replacement.

-          Strawberry Nutrimeal: The Strawberry flavoured is yet another nutritional meal replacement.


Keep Yourself Hydrated:

To ensure healthy pregnancy, it is highly important for you to keep yourself hydrated, through ample water supply. It brings about several benefits. It cuts down several risk diseases, which could otherwise cause you constipation, swelling and early labor issues. They are usually painful and annoying. Try to increase the fluid intake, especially those that are rich in water. It is necessary for a pregnant woman to take 6-8 glasses of water daily. However, this should least include coffee, juices and other liquids.

Food for thought -  Good fats

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