Overcoming Hayfever:

Hay feverHay fever is an allergic reaction. It is your immune system’s response to foreign particle in the air you breathe. It is  usually refers to allergies to outdoor, airborne materials such as pollens and molds. Most people associate hay fever with spring, when airborne pollens from grasses are at their peak. However, hay fever can occur at any time of the year.

Hay fever, like all allergic reactions, is caused by  foreign “invaders” (allergens) that enter your body through inhalation, by swallowing, or through your skin.

Common Allergens:


A fine granular substance produced in flowers. With flowering plants, pollen must get from one flower to another flower for a plant to make fruit. The time of year when a particular species of plant releases pollen, depends on the local climate and what is normal for that species. Temperature  variations and rainfall from year to year affect how much pollen is in the air in any given season. Pollen allergens are carried by the wind, and when inhaled can cause an allergic reaction in the lungs or nose, leading to asthma and allergy symptoms.


Molds are a type of fungus that has no stems, roots, or leaves. Unlike pollen, however, molds do not have a season.
Molds grow both outdoors and indoors.

Usual symptoms for hayfever:

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