Did Santa bring you good Health?

Spending money on Entertainment vs Health:

If your kids havSantae been good, you would have done a big clean up after the festive season. If you are a parent you’ll know what I mean. Every household’s recycle bin has been busting with gift wrappers and hard board boxes.

Santa has been kind enough to bring ‘WII’ to our household and we were forced to do shopping for accessories. We found how much it costs for each piece when we started shopping around. If you have one in your household you will know that each game costs between $5o – $90 depends on how popular they are. So people are willing to spend insane amount of money on entertainment.

If you ask the same people, ‘how much you spend on nutrition products’ they will say they are healthy enough, and they don’t need to spend on nutritional supplements.

As I have discussed in previous posts, chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke, Cancer,….doesn’t happen overnight. it is a result of small changes over a long period of time. Unfortunately by the time it was diagnosed it is too late to do anything to fix it. If you ask people with chronic disease, you will realise how expensive their prescription medication costs compared to nutritional supplement.

Once I was chatting to someone with a chronic pain,and I found out that  he takes multiple tablets to control his pain. When I mentioned a natural way to control the pain he mentioned that he doesn’t want to swallow any more tablets than he is currently using.

People have many excuses not to take the preventive path such as “I don’t like to swallow tablets”, “I am healthy”, “I eat healthy food”.

Remember the key to avoid the degenerative disease is through early prevention. As discussed previously in ‘What is an Antioxidant’, if you have enough antioxidants to balance the effect of freeradicals produced the body is protected from oxidative stress, and by preventing oxidative stress you can avoid developing chronic disease.


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