Heart Disease

According to Dr R.Ross heart disease is not caused by too much cholesterol in your blood stream, but is the result of a prolonged, low-grade inflammation of your arteries. Over 50% of the people suffering from a heart attack have actually normal cholesterol levels. As the pharmaceutical industry hopes you to believe, heart disease is NOT a disease of cholesterol.

Since heart disease remains as the number one killer in US and billions of dollars spent on cholesterol lowering drugs, it is still not sure of which quality of the statin drugs can lower the risk of having a heart attack – is it the anti-inflammatory properties of the drugs or the lower cholesterol level.

LDL cholesterol and heart disease:

Natural LDL cholesterol is not harmful when it comes to heart disease. It is just a transport vehicle of cholesterol. But when it gets modified by excessive free radicals, it causes inflammation to our arteries. If we have enough antioxidants to neutralize the effect of free radicals the modification can be prevented. As we discussed above, doctors do not know which quality of the statin drug is the reason for lower heart disease, and statin drugs are being prescribed a lot nowadays. We should take drugs as the last resort not all the time. If we can fix it by giving the body the antioxidants they need to neutralize the effect of free radicals, we should go with it first. How would we know after 10 years whether they are gonna turn around and say this is the side effect of the statin drugs. If that happens then we are stuffed.

Dr Ray Strand recommend a 12 week healthy for life program which is clinically tested and shown an average decrease in total cholesterol of 17%, an average decrease of LDL cholesterol of 20%, and a 27% decrease of triglyceride levels. Pharmaceutical companies would love to have these kinds of results. If it doesn’t work only he prescribes statin drugs to his patients.

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