Simple Health Tips Which Can Help You Keep Off 70% of the Common Ailments

Simple Health Tips Which Can Help You Keep Off 70% of the Common AilmentsHave you ever asked yourself this question: why were our grandfathers and mothers healthier, and used to live longer, than we do these days, yet there were no medicines as it is today?  These days, people die younger and develop health complications at young age. It is not strange to see diabetic or hypertensive patients in their early 40s. Unraveling this puzzle is very easy. The way in which we live these days is not healthy. You only need to change your dietary and lifestyle habits and keep off 70% of the common ailments these days:


Avoid processed foods:


Our grandfathers and grandmothers used to take natural foods. The common practice these days has been taking processed foods because we don’t have the time to prepare foods at our homes. Even the foods that we prepare in our homes are not natural. The chemical elements contained in the natural foods are very important in keeping you healthy. To reap the maximum benefits of natural foods, you should take them raw, if that is possible, and without salt, fats, oils, spices or other additives.


Follow the simple rule of 8 glasses of water per day:


Some people will ask; why 8 glasses and not 7 or 9, or even more. Well, that is an argument for another day but the rule is that you should remain properly hydrated all day and night. For this to happen, you should take a lot of water. Take note that juices and other beverages are not substitutes for water. You should ensure that you take pure clean water so as to keep your body properly hydrated. Hydration helps improve the functioning of body organs, helps boost immunity, and generally improve the body’s well being, thus keeping you healthy.


Develop a diet plan and strictly follow it:


To a great extent, your health is determined by your dietary habits. If you take balanced diet and meals you are likely to keep off over 70% of the common aliments because your body will always be properly supplied with the nutrients that it needs to maintain strong immunity and be able to fight the common aliments.  You can consult a nutritionist to help you develop a healthy diet plan that will ensure that your body is supplied with all the nutrients that it requires.

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