Hidden Symptoms of Stress Which May Be Dangerously Hurting Your Health

Hidden Symptoms of Stress Which May Be Dangerously Hurting Your HealthTo many people, it may be surprising to learn that they may be stressed, in fact, seriously stressed, but they don’t know of it. Any form of stress, however minor it is, hurts our health. Like many other health factors, it is not possible to avoid stress 100%. However, if you know that you are stressed, you can identify the stressor and try to avoid or mitigate it. Statistics show that many people are stressed because the trigger factors are many, work deadlines, paranoid boss, desire to achieve, demands from family, and general frustrations of life among many others, can all cause stress.


The following are hidden symptoms of stress which may be hurting your health seriously.




Stress can cause unusual forgetfulness. At work, you may find that you forget too often where you placed your pen; you don’t remember something you were to do first in the morning, etc. If you notice that the rate of forgetfulness is increasing, comes and goes, there is something stressing you.


Irregular sleep patterns:


Stress disturbs the hormonal and chemical balance in your mind and in essence affects the normal sleep patters. You may find that you oversleep or have inadequate sleep during the night. You may also feel the urge to sleep during the day if you are stressed.  If your sleep patters have of late turned irregular, that is a symptom of stress.


Decreased desire for sex:


Stress kills the desire for sex, especially in men. Men who are stressed will find it quite difficult to rise to the occasion when they want to. Stress is likely to manifest in decreased desire for sex, and can cause inability to erect, premature ejaculation, and general fatigue and tiredness, which make it impossible for the affected person to satisfy his partner in bed.




Hyperacidity, although it can be caused by other factors, such as intake of spicy foods, is one of the major symptoms of stress. If you experience episodes of heartburn, abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, etc, you may be stressed.


The best way of dealing with stress is by reducing the trigger factors. Find out what is stressing you, and device ways of avoiding, reducing or dealing with it, to avoid further harm on your health.

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