How Hormonal Imbalance Affects the Female Body

How Hormonal Imbalance Affects the Female BodyHormonal imbalance is a common hormone problem that affects women in three stages of their lives; in preteens, during pregnancy and once when they hit the big 4-0. Hormonal imbalance contributes towards health conditions like depression, diminished muscle strength, polycystic ovarian syndrome and hirsutism; all of which can be treated if the hormone problem is addressed on time and the imbalance is corrected.

This article will help you understand the functions of essential female hormones and the symptoms that point towards deficiency.

The Functions of the 4 Important Female Hormones

Each hormone works hand in hand with others to perform key functions in the body. Once you are aware of what function each hormone is responsible for and how it affects the body, you may be able to pinpoint which hormonal deficiency is the reason for your discomfort.

Changes That Occur Due To Hormonal Imbalance

A surplus or deficit in any one of the four hormones may be responsible for major negative changes in the body. Here are some of the major symptoms that indicate an imbalance in all or any of the four hormones respectively.

Once you have identified hormone deficiency on the basis of the symptoms you are experiencing, you may correct the hormone problem by consuming supplements that repair the hormonal imbalance like phytoestrogen supplements. Phytoestrogen supplements have become a popular all natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

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