Cause for Hormonal Imbalance

Causes of imbalance:

Hormone imbalanceWhen they invented the ‘pill’ and HRT in 1970s they forgot to create a way to destroy it -  When you consume, it will be used and will gotten rid of by the body. Once it hits the water supply, it will affect the animals. We all know water is recycled, so actually every one of us are swimming in the sea of hormones, no wonder that we react the way we do, ‘It is not our fault’ as we all would love to say it is the hormone that make us behave the way we do.

We add hormones to our food – The farmers use hormones to grow their animals bigger, bulkier, quicker. As we know the chickens grow quicker from a tiny chicken to a full grown one within a month. This will contribute to our obesity problem. (it is not our fault too??!!)

The next is our packaging and cling film.  When it is heated, they release chemicals that affect our hormones. So when we use Microwave to heat our food make sure to remove packaging of all sorts and use ceramic materials to avoid creating havoc inside our body.

Also we have to take care of our largest organ that is skin. The things we apply on it and things absorbed through it can mess up our system. Do you know that we use minimum 7 skincare products a day??!! and they all contain parabon (chemical preservative to give shelf life to skincare products). The lumps removed from breast cancer patients contain parabon. Won’t you like to stay away from them?? Aren’t we all soak our babies and kids head to toe with these products that will bring harm to them later in their lives??

Find more facts on Healthy skin and how to avoid Cancer for the future generation. As I mentioned in Hormones and women we are living in a toxic environment and we can’t change the world, our environment or stop breathing. All we can do is make changes to things that we can control.

Perfect nutrition, ideal food and good supplement can provide the best out come to beat hormone imbalance.


1. Hormonal imbalance e-book

2. Books for further research on hormones

3. Product to neutralise hormone imbalance for women and men  and how to acquire them

For ways to maintain healthy body through healthy eating head to  Healthy appetite. For overall health of our body we need good Antioxidants.

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