How much is too much?!

How much is too much?Alcohol misuse is a serious issue in Australia. Its effects can range from a hangover to fatal road accidents, violent assault and terminal medical conditions such as irreversible liver damage.

In Australia, alcohol related harm has been reported to be approximately  65,000 hospital admissions and 3000 deaths. It has come to know that both men and women consume no more than two standard drinks per day.

Recently every weekend on television we get to hear about alcohol related incidents. It is hard to comprehend that young people consider getting drunk and beating others as being ‘cool’.In this day and age kids get to learn about the pros and cons about drinking, and yet they choose to take the path towards destroying their lives and others associated with them.

Do you know that drinking a large amount on a single occasion can be toxic, leading in a worst case scenario to seizures, respiratory failure and death? It is important to know that alcohol misuse and alcoholism are treatable.

A person’s gender, size, metabolism, and whether or not they have eaten can all have an effect on blood-alcohol concentration.

What is a Standard Drink?

A standard drink is a unit of measurement. In the same way one metre measures a particular distance travelled, one standard drink measures a particular amount of alcohol consumed.

Binge drinking is defined as the amount of alcohol drunk over several hours. The limit is four standard drink, since any more can cause accidents and serious health issues. The more a person binge drinks, the more likely are complications over time, including liver damage, high blood pressure, blood vessel disease, depression, injuries and some cancers.

In women, breast cancer risk is increased when they drink two or more standard drinks daily and rises with the amount drunk.

Alcohol and Antioxidant:

Alcohol (Red wine) contains a number of antioxidants. However, antioxidants occur in many other foods too and at much higher concentrations than in wine.  So it is better to get this from either a glass of wine or food rather than from an artificially large dose.

Thanks to ‘While you are Waiting’ issue: winter 2010; ‘Healthy & Heartwise’ vol 46


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Great tips! I will try to use them.

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