Why it is Important to Read the Label

Why it is Important to Read the LabelThe main goal of most food manufacturers and processors is to make money. That involves using less expensive substitutes and chemical additives to increase the profitability of their products. Always remember that their primary objective is to keep costs down while extending the shelf-life of a product. That is what makes big businesses profitable. That is also what makes their products incredibly dangerous.

Not Designed for Normal Digestion

The food we eat is meant to be consumed the way nature created it because our bodies were only designed to digest natural foods. Altering the genetic composition of certain foods will change the way our digestive system processes it. If the food is not absorbed properly, it will accumulate as fatty deposits and get attach itself to the walls of your stomach. This is why eating too much processed food is considered a major factor in the increase of obesity cases.

Don’t Trust Clever Marketing

Another reason you should read the nutritional label is because the health claims on the front of the package are not always true. If you base your decisions on the packaging or commercials for the product, you can’t be certain about what you are eating. The packaging is a marketing tool designed to capture your interest and entice you to eat it. It might boast about being low in sugar or all-natural on the front, but that doesn’t mean it is good for you. You should always cross-reference their claims with the actual product ingredients and nutritional values on the label.

Nutrition Labels Are Regulated

Food processors are required by law to list all of the ingredients and nutritional facts somewhere on the packaging. This should be the first place you look before you buy anything, since it is the most trustworthy source of product information. The penalties for falsifying product information on the label are steep, so reputable companies are forced to be honest.  Always check to see how many ingredients are natural and nutritious foods that you recognize, and how many are unfamiliar words you can barely pronounce.

You owe it to yourself to find out exactly what you are putting in your body. Always double check the ingredients and nutritional content before you place something new in your shopping cart. This way you can put it right back on the shelf if the facts on the label don’t support the health claims on the box.

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