Karma Yoga – For Life, Spiritual & Happiness

Karma Yoga - For Life, Spiritual & HappinessKarma means an act and yoga means spiritual attainment. Karma Yoga or “discipline of action” is basically a form of yoga that has been derived from the teachings of the holy book of ‘Bhagwad Gita’. In real sense, this yoga is a science of achieving perfection in action. You can remain engaged in your daily activities and yet can remain in a state of spiritual devotion with God. According to Hindu myth, every human is born with definite karma, good or bad, and the complete life cycle will cease and will get liberation only after this karma has been attained.


Every individual is bound with cravings and desires behind every act. The real task lies in freeing oneself from these cravings and makes it an utterly selfless motive. The basic concept of karma yoga is to achieve this task and the one who follows this path is called ‘karma yogi’. Through karma yoga, one can get disassociated with the consequences of the act. The basic human psychology says that humans tend to celebrate the fruits of the toil and labor and on the other side becomes frustrated if the results are disappointing. This psychology makes karma yoga a difficult task.


While doing the yoga, you need to entrench your intentions. We need to understand that the purpose of life should be God-realization, and once this has been understood, this devotional intention works even while sleeping. At the time of meditation, you can feel the presence of divine spirit around yourself. You can even go for hourly breaks for a minute or so and with open eyes, try feeling the purity build after your first phase. Through Karma yoga you can feel the presence of god near, far, sitting beside you, standing etc. Try avoiding the diversion of mind towards other situations because your associations with the surroundings will affect your devotional intention.


The best part about the karma yoga is that you do not need any particular time, place or position. You can start with this yoga just with eyes closed. Always remember that selfless service will pave the path of extreme calmness and purifies your body and soul. Continuous attachment with the results of your acts will give rise to stress, fierceness, and antagonism and will ultimately lead to other health issues. Just try to follow the teachings of Krishna regarding Karma yoga and lead a contented and stress free life. It is better to perform the Karma yoga with great devotion.


With Karma Yoga, you will become able to make your control towards action. It helps you be aware of your individuality and you become responsible for your own actions. By doing, learning or experiencing the Karma yoga, you become more mature and reach to the state of ‘Higher Self’.


Do not run after pleasure, as it will follow you. You can gain complete happiness with regular yoga practice. Just take positive actions, set the wheels of karma in movement and you will observe end result full of happiness.

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