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Get it right:

It’s important for children to eat the right foods and take the best supplements to encourage growth and development. One study after the other suggests that children are not getting all their essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, less than 25% of young people eat the recommended five servings or more of fruit and vegetables daily!

So help your children to eat right; pack lunch boxes with fruits, vegetables and whole grains, avoid juice unless it’s 99% fruit juice (often juices use artificial flavourings and can be very high in sugar content), feed your children a nutritious breakfast to energise them for their day ahead and use a supplement that meets the needs of your children.

An apple a day:

Have you heard the saying; An apple a day keeps the doctor away? A recent study has found that women who ate 75g of dried apple on a daily basis lowered their bad cholesterol levels and improved good cholesterol levels without causing weight gain. So start munching away on a crisp apple today. Not only do they taste great, they are very good for your overall health.


Keeping your blood pressure below the recommended 120/80mmHg can lengthen your life by three years, reports the American Medical Association. So how do you lower blood pressure? Exercise and a healthy diet can contribute significantly, ensuring your levels of calcium, magnesium, and potassium intake are adequate, and reducing noise levels. Austrian researchers found that working in a noisy environment causes a consistent four-point rise on blood pressure. So tell your colleagues to hush!

Friendship is for life!

Socialising with three different groups of friends once a month combats depression and strenthens your immune system. An extensive study at Harvard University in the US found that “people with active friendship networks are happier, more successful, have fewer sleeping problems, fewer illnesses and live longer,” says Professor George Vaillant of the Harvard Medical School. A sample of 800 people were monitored for over 50 years and it was found that the stress released during interaction with close contact groups can be very helpful to people.

Did you know?

That most men won’t visit a healthcare professional unless they are forced to! In fact, a UK study found that 21% of men had not visited a doctor in the last two years. Only 14% of those surveyed said they would visit a healthcare professional if they had to, a third if their partner forced them to. For this study 1000 men were surveyed, 73% of them over 45 years of age. Though men might avoid medical practices and hospitals due to embarrassment, this will only delay diagnosis through symptoms. If symptoms are picked up early successful treatment is more likely.


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