How to Lose Weight without Diet and Exercise

How to loose weight without diet and exerciseIs it possible to lose weight without diet and exercise?  Those two words haunt many people and often discourage them from starting.  Ideally, diet and exercise are key components in losing weight, but, there are ways to lose weight without strict diets and vigorous exercise.  There are several things you can do to lose weight without strict diets and overwhelming exercise.

Water is an important component in losing weight. If you are already drinking plenty of water, drink more.  Water is multi functional for the body and serves as a direct link to beautiful skin.  Drinking flushes out all the impurities in the body, and helps the skin maintain a radiant and clear reflection.  It has been proven that drinking water improves the appearance, and minimizes the signs of aging.

Water, especially cold water is significant in burning calories.  How does cold water burn more calories than lukewarm calories?  When you drink cold water, the body has to expend energy to warm the liquid up.  This results in more calories being burned and when you are burning calories that is the first step towards weight loss.    Cold water does not have any calories yet it uses calories to warm the liquid making it a great way to speed up the metabolism and burn calories.

That is not the only benefit water has, consuming water regularly keeps the stomach full and when the stomach is full, consuming empty calories is significantly less likely to happen.  Hydrating your body before you, exercise will also help release hormones that are muscle building which also speeds up the metabolism. By incorporating ice cold water into your lifestyle to include water you will reap the benefits of losing weight, as well as healthier looking skin.

It is a commonly accepted rule to drink at least eight to ten eight ounce glasses of water a day.  People often think they are doing that, but once you get started drinking water, you will realize how far off from the mark you have been.  By purchasing a cup or water bottle, that shows ounces of water, you will be able to track how much water you are consuming.

Make it a goal to eliminate elevators and embrace stairs.  Sure, hopping in an elevator is convenient, quick and does not exert energy – and for those very reasons, elevators should be avoided.  And while we are on the subject of electric mobile transportation, escalators and other forms of people moving should be removed from the current lifestyle.  Any type of transportation that will result in sedentary movement needs to be completely avoided, and replaced with, yes stairs.

Keep the same mindset in parking your car, even in uncomfortable weather.  How much time is wasted driving around looking and waiting for that upfront parking space?  Most the time, a person could have easily been in the store shopping if they would have just parked and walked, however, again, we are a people of convenience and do not want that

Think before you get into your car and drive somewhere if you could actually be walking. How often do we need something from the store and immediately hop into our cars rather than walk, or ride our bike.  If that sounds too conventional, think of it this way, if you can burn 50 to 80 pounds by walking to the store or post office or whatever errand that needs to get met, over 5 calories, what would be your choice, or what should be your choice?

People today are always in a hurry and eating fast is no exception of their hurried laugh.   What people do not realize is that the brain and eating work together, but more often than not, they work against each other as it relates to weight.   It takes about twenty minutes for your stomach to tell the brain that it is full and can no longer tolerate more food.   If you sit down to a meal and inhale your food in about ten minutes, you most likely have had a complete meal and are satisfied – whether you know this or not.  However, because it takes twenty or more minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that you are no longer in need of food, people continue to eat, and eat, and eat.  Before too long, they are stuffed, feeling uncomfortable and wondering why they ate so much.  This is an occurrence that happens far too often and what leads to overweight people.  Slow down when eating, enjoy your food.

When eating out, there is no need to opt for the larger portions – stay small, and you will be small.  There is no need to order a sixteen-ounce steak when a twelve-ounce steak is available.

There is almost no way a person could not walk out of a fast food restaurant without exceeding their dietary caloric limits for the day.  And because there is no nutritional value in fast food hundreds of empty calories are being put into an already struggling environment.  However often convenience, and time take precedence over health, and that is where the lifestyle must change.  Whether your goal is to lose unwanted weight or not, eliminating fast food is a lifestyle change that will ultimately benefit you in many ways.

The high fat content in fast food often leaves people feeling sluggish and tired and if you compound that with extra weight, chances of a sedentary lifestyle are eminent.

We all know that chocolate, candy, cupcakes and any other sugary product quenches that craving for sweets, and for many there is an underlying addiction to those sugary snacks. Vegetables and fruits are great healthy snacks, but for the people who are classic junk food junkies where does it leave them?  Yogurts and pudding cups that contain low calories and no fat are acceptable snacks.  There are also other snacks that are healthy and can satisfy like pretzels and crackers over potato chips.  Peanut butter is a good snack but of course, peanut butter and chocolate would be bad.

Most of us have jobs that cause us to be sedentary – the busiest part on our body is often our fingers.  The littlest movement however, can pick up the heart rate.  As stated earlier, going for walks during breaks or lunch are a great way to pick up the heart pace.  Also, getting up every fifteen to twenty minutes, stretching and bending over is also a way to stimulate the heart into increased action, and is also going to give you ergonomic benefits.

It is a proven fact that weight gain and inability to lose weight can be caused by two factors that can be controlled – stress and sleep.  We live in a time where stress seems to be never ending.  Our daily lives alone are filled with stress and pressures however, minimizing the stressors in life is not just important for a long healthy life; it also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.  Yes, unbelievably stress can cause you to gain weight, or make it difficult to lose weight.  When a person is stressed, the body produces a hormone called cortisol.  Cortisol is great when produced once in awhile.  Cortisol gives that extra burst of energy that is needed to get the job done, overcome pressures, or meet deadlines.  However, too much cortisol has been proven to slow the metabolism down, and when the metabolism is slower, it is harder to lose weight.  By minimizing stressors, you can speed up your metabolism to an effective rate, and reap the benefits of a stress free lifestyle.  Now most likely not all stressors can be eliminated, however, reducing as many as you can will prove to be beneficial for you.

Like stress, sleep deprivation is something that can be controlled and must be, especially when trying to lose weight.  People who are sleep deprived have difficulty functioning during the day.  They are often fighting to stay awake and searching for that energy burst to help them along the way.  Often, their energy burst comes from a poor source of food, typically a sugary substance, or food item that is high in fat, carbohydrates or other unhealthy means.  Of course when loading up on these poor food choices, it is only natural weight gain will prevail.  By making sure you are receiving the proper amount of sleep, you are minimizing the need to jump-start some energy through unhealthy foods and help in losing weight.

These are two very significant lifestyle changes that have multiple benefits, not just for weight loss.  By incorporating them into your lifestyle, you are changing your habits for better.

Ultimately, you cannot beat exercise as a primary way to lose weight, but if you need to get jump started start with these basic fundamentals and shed off a few pounds.  You will look and feel better.

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